Have fun this summer, despite COVID-19

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Although the coronavirus pandemic is showing signs of slowing up, we all need to stay safe and stay home as much as possible a while longer. Summer can be a huge challenge for families with children under normal circumstances. Most children are at home during the summer because they are not […]

Wyandotte County Moving into Phase 3 of Re-Opening Plan

Unified Government officials announced that as of Monday, June 8 at 12:01 a.m., the County is now in Phase 3 of the Ad Astra Re-Opening Plan. Guidance from the Phase 3 Plan includes: *For employers, the level of on-site staffing is unrestricted, but social distancing is encouraged where possible. *Businesses must maintain at least six […]

A third of Americans engaged in risky cleaning behaviors, CDC survey finds

By Roberta Pardo About a third of Americans have used a risky cleaning practice to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a recent survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed (CDC). Some unsafe practices revealed by the survey, which was published June 5, include people putting bleach in their […]

WHO encourages people to keep wearing face masks

By Chara To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging people to keep wearing face masks in public places and applying social distancing measures. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, said recently that masks should be worn in areas with the widespread transmission of viruses. In addition, people […]

New COVID-19 Services Now Available in Wyandotte County Through 3-1-1

Now Wyandotte County residents can access new, expanded COVID-19 services by calling 3-1-1 or (913) 573-5311, Monday through Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM. These new services are provided by the Unified Government 3-1-1 Call Center and the Public Health Department. In addition, the UG has partnered with the University of Kansas Health System […]

Experts claim catching coronavirus from touching contaminated surfaces is unlikely

By Angie Baldelomar With coronavirus pandemic restrictions being lifted, people will touch surfaces other people have touched, including doorknobs, tabletops, and shopping bags and carts. Many fear they will catch the virus from touching contaminated surfaces. But how likely is that? At first, research seemed to encourage treating surface contact with a high level of […]

New COVID-19 vaccines emerging

By Chara Health companies around the world continue working toward developing an effective treatment against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In the United States, Eli Lilly and Co. is working on the first human trials of an antibody therapy designed to treat COVID-19. The results will be known at the end of June. According to CNN, […]

Reopening phase guidelines in Kansas and Missouri vary

By Roberta Pardo As the nation continues to lift coronavirus pandemic-related restrictions, many people on both sides of the state line in the Kansas City area remain confused about what is open and what is not. Reopening plans have largely been left to the discretion of each county or municipality. In Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly’s […]

CDC recomienda el uso de mascarillas de tela en público

Expertos destacan que el lavado de manos y el distanciamiento social todavía son cruciales para frenar la propagación. En un esfuerzo para ralentizar la transmisión del coronavirus, los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) recomiendan a todas las personas en Estados Unidos —incluso aquellas que se sienten sanas— el uso de […]

Keep following COVID-19 guidelines during reopening phase

Commentary by Chara After being shut down for several weeks, businesses are reopening. But that does not mean everything is back to normal. Unfortunately, though, many people think it does mean everything is normal again. A Memorial Day weekend event reflects that attitude. At the Lake of the Ozarks, there was a pool party. It […]