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How to find the right affordable home

Buying a house is an investment. Commentary by Chara Besides being an investment of money, it’s an investment of time and effort – especially if you want to find an affordable house. Here are some tips that might help you find the right affordable place for you and your family: *Get a realtor: A realtor will ask you about your …

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Bill Gates and a promising “super cow”

Analysis by Eulogio JP Bill Gates is more than a computer genius. He’s also perhaps the world’s healthiest person – and a major philanthropist. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the tech pioneer and his wife have donated hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the world. The billionaire’s latest ambitious project aims to help the world’s neediest people by …

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Why is the stock market so unstable?

Commentary by Eulogio JP Politics isn’t all that has been unstable since Donald J. Trump assumed the U.S. presidency. The stock market has been anything but stable. Since Trump was elected, stocks have risen steadily for the most part, especially during the first few weeks of 2018. A strong economy and historically low unemployment were the main reasons for the …

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Money Tips: Don’t accumulate debt

Commentary by Eulogio JP An important section of the U.S. population is hurting financially: the middle class. Wages for middle-class jobs have been the same since the late 1970s. Combine that fact with increasing inflation and it’s not hard to understand why this sector of the population is hurting so badly. But not every financial issue is related to the …

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Free tax preparation services available in the area

By Chara It’s tax season again. The U.S. government mandates that people who are under 65 and make more than $10,400 file tax returns each year. Generally, taxpayers are advised to visit a tax professional for assistance, rather than try to file returns themselves, because of the complexity of federal and state tax laws. However, if the cost of paying …

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Money Tips: Give your retirement a boost

About every working person in the Unites States dreams of retiring one day. But many Americans don’t realize that saving for retirement is a long-term game that requires patience, persistence and planning. Here’s a planning tip for beginners: If you have an employer-sponsored 401k program, make sure you’re at least contributing enough to receive the maximum amount your employer will …

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A world in constant change

Technology is fascinating. Even more fascinating is how fast technology changes. New products are released – and before the masses have fully adapted them, they’ve become obsolete. Even products that are used by virtually every person in the United States might disappear soon. Think of credit cards and debit cards, for instance. Does that seem impossible to you? If so, …

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Suarez investing in potential currency of the future

By Tere Siqueira A form of cryptocurrency is sparking investors’ hopes of getting rich. The cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. According to CNN, it was created about 10 years ago by a person or people under the pseudonym of “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Used strictly online, Bitcoins typically go toward buying merchandise anonymously. However, investors such as trader Ricardo Suarez are buying them, too. …

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How to take the stress out of tax preparation

Commentary by Chara Tax season has arrived. Filing taxes is often time-consuming. And it can be stressful. But it needn’t be. If you need to reduce the stress of tax preparation, try the following tips: *Collect all your information as early in the tax season as possible: Make sure you have everything in a binder, ready to go. Include all …

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Simons advises fellow immigrants to save money for permanent resident

As an immigrant who has experienced the U.S. citizenship process firsthand, Kansas resident Jimi Simons has some advice for anyone who’s about to go through it: set aside some money. “When I started the process, I realized it was going to be really expensive,” Simons stated. “So I knew I had to start saving money. I started saving three years …

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