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KC Scholars program expands funding, seeks to expand outreach

KC Scholars’ outreach is growing. In 2017, its first year, the program provided financial assistance to more than 600 applicants, estimated Val Salazar, program manager. Recently, KC Scholars announced in a press release that 900-plus applicants spanning six Kansas City area counties would receive funding this year to go toward their college education. The increase is largely because of “great …

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Summer offers many family activity options

Commentary by Katherine Diaz The warm weather can mean only one thing: summer is near! This year, take the time to enjoy summer with your family by experiencing a variety of fun, affordable options in the Kansas City area. Here are a few summer activities to enjoy with your children: *Summer camps: Summer camps are specifically designed for kids to …

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Dra. Nancy Álarez: Sexual harassment, a recent dilemma?

I remember my conversation with a famous and successful businessman who told me about one of his executives who harassed his secretary and almost got her to commit suicide. He protected her by transferring her to another apartment and did not say anything to the executive. I was outraged and asked him why he did that, he told me that …

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El Sueño Mexicano

We invite young people who speak Spanish and are students of the last two years of University (College) in the US, to do a 4-week internship during the summer of 2018 in Mexico. The selected students will have to carry out field research work based on which they will present suggestions to small companies of indigenous origin, to support them …

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How to get your career off to a good start

Commentary by Chara If you’re a student who’ll finish high school or college in a few weeks, chances are, you’ll have to start job hunting soon. To land a job, start with your résumé. Make sure it stands out from the others. To create a good résumé and land the job you want, use the following tips: *Check it for …

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Planning your retirement

(NAPSI)—If you ever feel your finances are too stretched to save for retirement, you’re not alone—and there could be good news for you. The Saver’s Credit—a little-known tax credit made available by the IRS to eligible taxpayers—could make saving for retirement more affordable than you think. It may reduce your federal income taxes when you save for retirement through a …

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Important and fascinating information about graduation It is estimated that this year three million young Americans will obtain their high school diploma. If you are among them, congratulations! If you are not sure about what to do after graduating, you should get advice from your parents, teachers, and counselors. Spend time with people who work in areas that interest you …

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Academic performance of low-income Hispanic children is cause for concern

Commentary by Katherine Diaz The findings of a September 2017 study by the National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families should give the Hispanic community cause for concern. Focused on the development and home environments of low-income Hispanic children in grades K-3, the study is noteworthy for several reasons. For starters, it revealed that 5.7 million Hispanic children live …

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The origins of the Easter Bunny

By Chara Easter (observed on April 1 this year by non-Orthodox denominations) is typically considered a Christian holiday. But most of the festivities and symbols associated with the celebration come from pagan traditions, including one of its most iconic symbols – the Easter Bunny. According to tradition, the Easter Bunny delivers candy, toys and eggs to children on Easter morning. …

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America’s Protectors

Understanding Education And Military Families (NAPSI)—America’s military service members make great sacrifices for our country—and for their own families—but are their kids getting what they need from our K−12 education system? A new national survey of service members, spouses and veterans looks at educational options for military families, their satisfaction and how their choices can play a role in whether …

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