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How to create an effective to-do list

There’s always something to keep us busy, whether it’s a big project at work, taking our children to school, making dinner or keeping up with housework. Many people create to-do lists to help organize their days and accomplish their goals. Although this can be helpful, a list can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few tips to ensure your to-do …

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More Americans celebrating Christmas without religion, study suggests

A new Pew Research Center study suggests that although 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, the elements of American Christmas celebrations are changing. According to The New York Times, the study was based on a survey conducted with 1,503 adults. It found that Americans still celebrate Christmas, but are more likely to do so in secular ways. Millennials, for example, …

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Hispanics have developed their own Christmas traditions

By Tere Siqueira Christmas is celebrated in many ways around the world. In America and many other countries, the Dec. 25 holiday is celebrated with gifts under a Christmas tree, lights in the windows, mailing Christmas cards to loved ones, turkey dinners and stockings hanging by the fireplace. And Latino households in the United States and families in Latin America …

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Seven tasks to do before 7 a.m.

Commentary by Carey Juez-Perez Morning can be hectic, what with getting ready, eating breakfast and rushing to get to work on time. Here are seven tips to help make your mornings stress-free: 1. Prepare the night before: Start by picking out your clothes for the next day and packing your lunch ahead of time. If you have children, help them …

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United Way Program Propels Students To College, Beyond

By Binita Dahal Graduating from Park University would’ve been a stretch for a child of immigrants, if not for the United Way of Greater Kansas City. That child, Wendy Medina, 25, of Kansas City, received invaluable financial assistance through United Way’s Launch program. Started six years ago, the cost-sharing program has generated approximately $670,000 for 160 students, including several dozen …

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Make planning for the holidays a family affair

Commentary by Katherine Diaz It’s that time of year to decide where and how to spend your precious holiday moments. For some individuals, the holiday season is an exciting time, a time spent visiting with loved ones. For others, it’s a dreaded time, a time for having to choose between families when making holiday plans. Some people attempt to accommodate …

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Fair to teach families about educational offerings in KCMO

Families will have the opportunity to learn about Kansas City, Mo.’s many elementary, middle and high schools, courtesy of the upcoming City School Fair. Co-hosted by the non-profit organization Show Me KC Schools, the Kansas City (Mo.) Public Library and the Mayor’s Office, the second annual fair will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 11. The fair …

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How to prepare your vehicles for winter

With winter quickly approaching, now is the best time to ensure your vehicles are ready for cold weather conditions. Because one never knows when inclement weather will hit the Kansas City area, it’s best to be proactive and prepared for when the day comes. Below are a few ways to make sure your vehicles are safe for your family: *Give …

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How to avoid being tracked or hacked online

Your social media and internet browsers are constantly tracking your activity. Although this kind of tracking is typically for commercial purposes, you also can be tracked by cyber-criminals. Some tips to avoid being tracked or hacked online include the following: *Use a search engine that doesn’t track you: All big internet companies work with targeted advertising. Your searches and location …

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How to protect yourself from cyberattacks

Commentary by Katherine Diaz As North Korea invests in cyberattack operations, the hermit country has become a major threat to digital systems in the United States. Its cyberattacks are believed to have already affected corporations worldwide, including the 2014 attack on Sony and an attack Bangladesh’s central bank, according to CNN. According to a CNN article written by Eric O’Neill, …

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