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Common senior health problems – and how to manage them

Commentary by Chara There’s good news and bad news for senior adults. The good news is, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show that 41 percent of seniors 65 and older are in good health. The bad news is, there are common health problems that affect seniors. Here’s a list of the most common problems, along with …

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How to age gracefully

Commentary by Chara As we humans age, certain changes are inevitable. Some age-related changes, however, are affected by many factors, including how we live during our younger years. Thus, if you start taking care of yourself when you’re young, you’re less likely to have certain problems when you’re old. Here’s a list of tips for taking care of yourself, so …

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Dra. Nancy Álvarez: Before taking your relationship to the next step, take a look at their family

Love moves the world, makes us suffer, takes us to heaven without dying, or destroys us in seconds. In the same way that love can cause the most beautiful feelings, it can also makes us feel the ugliest feelings such as hate, jealousy, rage, abandonment feelings and unfair competition. Why does love shake us this way? Why is it so …

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Mental health campaign coming this fall to Turner High

By Angie Baldelomar As the percentage of teens dealing with depression and anxiety rises nationwide, Turner High School is bringing the “You Be You” mental health campaign this fall to its campus. Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among teens, with around 31.9 percent of Americans ages 13-18 having an anxiety disorder. Depression also is a major issue. According …

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Zika-related health problems still a threat to U.S. babies

By Angie Baldelomar The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that 1 in 7 babies exposed to the Zika virus have health problems. According to the latest “Vital Signs” report, about 1 in 7 babies who were born to women with Zika virus infections during pregnancy had one or more health problems possibly caused by exposure to …

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Dra. Nancy Álvarez: What goes through the mind of a cheater?

I arrive to the nightclub and see him. I like that man. We stare at each other. Finally, he asks me to dance and he dances like the angels. He starts talking. Thinks like I do regarding life and even sex. From being two strangers, we become two people who feel we have known each other forever. I feel like …

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Dr Myriam Ensling: Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is defined as a core body temperature usually in excess of 40ºC (104ºF) with central nervous system symptoms in the setting of a large environmental heat load that cannot be dissipated. There are two 2 kinds of heat stroke: classical and exertional. Classical heat stroke occurs in patients in extremes of age (very young or elderly) or with …

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Dra. Nancy Álvarez: What to do with the arrival of a little sibling?

The arrival of a new family member requires an adjustment for everyone, especially for the younger family members. For parents, the reactions of the older siblings can be frustrating, and they don’t always know how to proceed. In the haste and bustle, they forget that it is normal for the other child to be jealous and look for ways to …

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Dra. Nancy Álvarez: Masturbation prepares us for a good sexual response

Surrounded by the guilt and rejection of many religions, masturbation remains the most popular sexual option among young people and people who do not have a partner. Recommended at any age and of any sex, despite the increasingly bad reputation, today more than ever, masturbation is recommended as a safe way to satisfy sexual needs and achieve a better sexual …

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Unfiltered news might affect children, psychologist claims

By Katherine Diaz In today’s world, children are regularly exposed to the news – and with the emergence of social media and children’s access to social media networks, much of that news is unfiltered by news agencies or even parents. Because of that, it might be difficult for children to understand how the news can affect them, according to child …

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