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Around The Globe 01.11.18

*Timerman’s release approved: The Bubble.com reported recently that a federal judge in Argentina had ruled that former Minister of Foreign Relation Hector Timerman be released from preemptive prison, so he could travel from the South American country to the United States to continue undergoing cancer treatment in New York. *Lawmakers express concerns about election interference: On Wednesday (Jan. 10), Reuters …

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Around The Globe : 12.28.17

Here’s a look at some of the recent stories that have made international headlines – and could continue to make the news in 2018: *Evacuations have started in a Syrian suburb controlled by various rebel groups in that Middle Eastern country’s civil war. At press time, more than 600 people needed to be evacuated from Damascus, a rebel-controlled suburb. *A …

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U.S.-Mexico agreement on water to take effect in 2018

By Tere Siqueira An agreement between the United States and Mexico will soon take effect. On Sept. 24, the International Boundary and Water Commission, the United States and Mexico signed Minute 323, an amendment to the 1944 Treaty for the Utilization of Water that covers bodies of water such as the Colorado River, the Rio Grande and the Tijuana River. …

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U.S reportedly planning to implement import restrictions on Mexico

By Chara The United States plans to implement product restrictions on Mexican commodities imports during harvest time in the United States, El Universal reported recently. According to the Mexican newspaper, the products that might be restricted include oranges, tangerines, clementines, various types of berries, papayas, mangos, avocados and tomatoes. El Universal reported the restrictions would take effect because the U.S. …

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Hundreds dead, injured in terrorist attack in Egypt

Compiled From News Reports Perpetrators not identified, but ISIS believed to be responsible The Islamic State (ISIS) may have perpetrated another terrorist attack. As multiple news agencies have reported, a terrorist attack was carried out on Nov. 24 at a mosque in Egypt in North Sinai, a section of the Sinai Peninsula. At press time Wednesday (Nov. 29), the death …

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No significant advances in NAFTA negotiations are troublesome

Commentary by Chara Over the past few months, President Trump has told Mexico and Canada that the United States will withdraw from NAFTA, the agreement that has aided trade among the three countries for the past 23 years. Unfortunately, Trump’s threat is close to becoming a reality. One way that Trump is following through on his threat is by slowing …

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Zimbabweans jubilant as Mugabe resigns

Compiled From News Reports A 37-year reign has ended – much to the relief of millions of people. Multiple news agencies reported Tuesday (Nov. 21) that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe resigned that day. Mugabe was prime minister for seven years (1980-87) and Zimbabwe’s president for his final 30 years in office. Under Mugabe’s rule, Zimbabwe became what has been described …

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Earthquake: How to prepare for this disaster

Commentary by Dermidio Juez-Perez Until Sunday (Nov. 12), the deadliest earthquake of 2017 had taken place in September around Mexico City, where 369 people died. However, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake took place late Sunday night with an epicenter across the Iraq-Iran border. The earthquake was so powerful that it was felt in Turkey and Pakistan. As of this writing, the death …

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TSA implementing new security procedures at airports

By Chara Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced it would soon start implementing new security measures at airports in the United States and outside the country. The measures will affect passengers with carry-on items. One measure is that passengers will be required to place electronics larger than a cellphone in bins for X-ray screening. “TSA has enhanced its security …

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Woodland assists Mexico City with earthquake recovery

Photos courtesy by Woodland Charity A Kansas City area non-profit organization is aiding in Mexico City’s efforts to recover from a September earthquake. From Oct. 22 to 27, a volunteer team from Woodland Charities visited Mexico City to support the distribution of the humanitarian aid that had been sent on Oct. 4 from Kansas City to Mexico. During the Woodland …

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