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Texas serial bomber suspect is dead

By Eulogio JP From March 2 through Wednesday (March 21), millions of Texans lived in fear – particularly residents of Austin, the state capital. The reason for their fear was a serial bomber who killed three people and detonated six explosions over 19 days, including the explosion that caused his death. Frantically, authorities searched for clues to lead them to …

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Latino boy dies after saving friend from frozen pond

By Yanis De Palma A Feb. 7 rescue attempt by an 11-year-old Latino boy from Queens, N.Y., has made national headlines. New York City area media outlets identified the boy as Anthony Perez, who died after trying to save his friend from drowning in an icy pond. Both Perez and his friend, Juan Umpierrez, were reportedly playing on a pond …

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Black Lives Matter activist shot dead in New Orleans

By Tere Siqueira On the morning of Feb. 6, a Black Lives Matter activist was shot and killed. Muhiyidin Moye (a.k.a., Muhiyidin d’Baha), 32, spent years fighting for racial equality as an activist and protester. Originally from New York, Moye lived in the Charleston, S.C., area, where he became known for his appearance in a police tape showing him trying …

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Poll shows U.S. voters support “Dreamers”

By Chara U.S. voters want “Dreamers” to stay in the United States, according to a recent poll from Quinnipiac University. Of the voters surveyed by the Hamden, Conn.-based school, 73 percent support legislation to allow undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children (known as “Dreamers”) to remain in the United Sates legally. The same poll also found …

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Protests staged, others scheduled following mass shooting in Florida

Gonzalez, fellow students call on lawmakers for stricter gun-control regulations Compiled From Media Reports Following the Feb. 14 mass shooting at a Miami area high school, students in many American communities are calling for lawmakers to pass stricter gun regulations – and a young lady with a Spanish surname is helping to issue that call. As multiple news agencies reported, …

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Massachusetts drawing national attention for controversial opioid bill

By Eulogio JP Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker recently made the national news by pushing for a state bill to force opioid addicts into rehab. The bill has met with some controversy. Critics of the legislation are concerned that, if approved, rehab facilities would be allowed to hold addicts against their will for treatment. According to Baker, the bill is designed …

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Little good comes from short-lived government shutdown

Commentary by Eulogio JP A three-day federal government shutdown is over. Congress ended the shutdown on Monday (Jan. 22). Normally, nobody gains anything from a government shutdown. Seemingly, this latest shutdown was no different. The resolution to lift the shutdown resulted from a deal reached after a bipartisan group of senators had pushed their leaders to come to terms. Senate …

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Border Patrol accused of destroying humanitarian aid

By Tere Siqueira U.S. Border Patrol agents constantly and systematically vandalize food and water left for migrants trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, according to recent report shared by the humanitarian organization No More Deaths. No More Deaths, which gives water and first-aid care to migrants, also accused agents of intimidating, harassing and surveilling humanitarian aid organizations. Specifically, it stated …

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FCC votes to repeal net neutrality

By Tere Siqueira On Dec. 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to end Obama-era net neutrality – a controversial move that’s expected to change how Americans view and share information online. Because of the FCC’s 3-2 vote to end net neutrality, the federal government will no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility. In addition, …

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California wildfires cause damage, lead to mass evacuations

By Tere Siqueira A recent outbreak of wildfires in California has resulted in the evacuation of more than 98,000 people. The wildfires, which began in early December in Southern California, are believed to have resulted from the hottest summer ever recorded in California. Because of the heat, trees and other vegetation dried out, becoming fuel for wildfires that spread because …

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