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Orlando International Airport to require face-scans for international flights

By Tere Siqueira Multiple news sources have reported that Orlando (Fla.) International Airport will become the first U.S. airport to require face-scans for all passengers on international flights. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials made the announcement during a June 21 press conference. They claimed the procedure would improve security and speed up boarding, as did Greater Orlando Aviation Authority …

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Wonderful World: Discover New York

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition, we will talk about the second most populated city in the American continent and also the most populated in our country, of course, New York. Founded in 1626 by the Dutch, who according to legend bought the island of Manhattan from the Lenape indigenous tribe, at an approximate cost of $25 and …

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Independence Day: A brief look

By Chara On July 4, millions of Americans will celebrate Independence Day, the holiday commemorating the birth of the United States as a nation. But many of them might not know the history behind the holiday. Independence Day has its roots in the early 1770s, when the 13 original states were still British colonies. Angered in part at being forced …

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The president doesn’t care

After President Trump and his cabinet realized that separating children from their families was losing them support, he decided to send first lady Melania Trump to the U.S.-Mexico border to show humility and compassion. She ended up doing something else: She sent a message about the president. On June 21, the first lady toured an immigrant children’s shelter. As expected, …

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Army gives Rapone OTH discharge after photos go viral

By Eulogio JP In September 2017, Spenser Rapone posted two controversial pictures of himself on social media. Because of those pictures, the 26-year-old West Point graduate and onetime U.S. Army Ranger is no longer a second lieutenant in the Army. The pictures were taken during Rapone’s 2016 graduation from the U.S. Military Academy. One showed a message written inside his …

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Kids in cages

Commentary by Eulogio JP Everyone knows President Trump will do anything to get his way. Still, I would’ve never guessed he would be willing to go as far as his administration is going, particularly where immigration issues are concerned. Children as young as 2 years old are being separated from their parents and detained in horrible conditions. They sleep and …

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Trump administration imposes new steel and aluminum tariffs

By Chara On May 31, President Trump announced the United States would impose tariffs on U.S. trading partners, including Canada and Mexico. “We’ll be imposing tariffs on steel imports and tariffs on aluminum imports,” Trump said during a speech at the White House. “You will have protection for the first time in a long while, and you’re going to regrow …

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Wonderful World: Discover Los Angeles

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition, we have to talk about the second most populated city in our country and also the most populated city by Mexicans outside of their country. we are talking about Los Angeles, California. In 1848 the state of California became part of our territory, after the invasion of our compatriots to our neighboring …

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Indiana science teacher praised for stopping middle school shooting

By Chara A Noblesville, Ind., teacher is being lauded for his heroism in preventing casualties in a middle school shooting there. According to the Noblesville Police Department, the shooting was reported after 9 a.m. on May 25. According to news reports, a student asked to leave the classroom, then returned with two handguns and began shooting. Science teacher Jason Seaman …

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Speaking Spanish at the grocery store has become dangerous

Commentary by Eulogio JP Recently, a Border Patrol agent stopped and interrogated Ana Suda and Mimi Hernandez while they were buying groceries. Their malicious act for being interrogated? They were speaking Spanish. Suda was born in El Paso, Texas. Hernandez was born in central California. So both women are U.S. citizens. However, they were communicating in Spanish as they strolled …

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