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Summit more successful for Kim than Trump

Commentary by Eulogio JP President Trump is describing the U.S.-North Korea summit (see related story) on Tuesday (June 12) in Singapore as a huge success. Only time will determine how successful the summit was. But for now, it seems the summit was more successful for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un than it was for Trump. Based on the little …

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Another way the United States is closing its doors

Commentary by Eulogio JP Tens of thousands of the most vulnerable immigrants will soon be negatively affected by a recent ruling by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. On Monday (June 11), Sessions stated that victims of domestic abuse and gang violence generally would not qualify for asylum under federal law. The recent ruling, made by Sessions himself, eliminates the 2016 …

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Trump and Kim sign new relationship

By Chara On Monday (June 12), U.S. President Donald Trump did something no U.S. president had done before: He met with a leader of North Korea (DPRK). That day, the president and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met for a summit in Singapore. According to information from several media sources, the leaders met for five hours, with the meeting …

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Tide is turning against Trump and Republicans in Missouri

It looks like anti-Trump feelings are growing in Missouri. Since Donald J. Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 as America’s president, 42 of state legislative seats have flipped from Republican to Democrat. The latest was flipped by a Missouri special election on Tuesday (June 5). After being appointed to the Missouri Public Service Commission, Republican Ryan Silvey’s state Senate seat …

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Valdez becomes Texas’ first lesbian Latina Democratic gubernatorial candidate

By Tere Siqueira Lupe Valdez, a former Dallas County sheriff, will challenge Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race. Valdez secured the Democratic Party’s nomination by defeating Andrew White, the son of former Texas Gov. Mark White, in the party’s May 22 runoff elections. By defeating the centrist candidate, the progressive candidate became the first openly gay and Latina nominee …

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Kobach’s “completely unnecessary” campaign stunt

Commentary by Eulogio JP A recent act by Kris Kobach left me puzzled. On June 2, during the Old Shawnee (Kan.) Days Parade, the Kansas secretary of state and Republican gubernatorial candidate rode in a jeep with a large replica gun mounted on it. “What was going through his mind?” I wondered afterward. “How was this ever considered a good …

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U.S. reportedly open to a “skinny” NAFTA deal

By Chara The United States is open to renegotiating a “skinny” deal with Mexico and Canada on NAFTA, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently stated. U.S. President Donald Trump has said the U.S. government wants something that benefits U.S. citizens. All the negotiation points haven’t been publicly disclosed. However, Mnuchin told the press that some of the points include opting …

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Street Talk: Mexico’s second presidential debate

By Yanis De Palma On Sunday night (May 20), the second presidential debate for Mexico’s July elections took place in Mexico City. To get a sense of the mood in Mexico, Dos Mundos asked some Mexicans for their thoughts about the debate and the candidates. Here are their answers: “The candidates only attacked each other. I think that no one …

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Zavala leaves Mexican presidential race

By Chara On May 16, independent candidate and former Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala announced she was dropping out of the Mexican presidential race. “I am withdrawing my candidacy in the interest of consistency, in the interest of political honesty, but also to free those who have so generously supported me, so they can decide as they must in this …

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Lamadrid shares insights about second Mexican presidential debate

By Tere Siqueira On Sunday night (May 20), Tijuana hosted the second debate in the campaign for Mexico’s upcoming presidential election. Carlos Lamadrid – who graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in political science and public administration, and has a master’s degree in public policy and governance from Panamerican University – shared with Dos Mundos his analysis of the …

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