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Wonderful World: Discover San José Part I

Welcome tourists! In this edition, we will talk about San Jose, Costa Rica, one of the most attractive tourist capitals of Central America, also considered a global beta class city. It has just under 300 thousand residents, while its large metropolitan area has almost 3 million. The architecture is mainly neoclassical and can be clearly seen in the Historical Downtown …

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The marketing mind games businesses play

Analysis by Yanis De Palma We all know we are being manipulated every time we shop. Still, it can be surprising to see the true extent of mind games being played on us by marketers. Some of the more common insidious and inescapable marketing tactics that companies use to prompt consumers to buy more stuff include the following: *Price markdowns: …

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Study claims love can be found on a plane

By Chara Anyone who hasn’t found a soulmate might want to consider taking a trip on an airplane. According to a study from the British Bank HSBC, 1 in 50 airplane passengers meet the love of their life aboard an airplane. The study also reported that “two couples meet and fall in love” during a typical flight. For the study, …

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The expensive outcome of millennial job-hopping

American businesses have a new, multibillion-dollar problem: They can’t hold onto their youngest workers. More than one in five millennials changed jobs in the past year, triple the share of non-millennials who did so. Such turnover is expensive. Every person who quits costs his employer about 20 percent of his annual salary, and that doesn’t include the cost of recruiting …

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Wonderful World: Discover Washington D.C.

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition we will talk about the capital of the country, the city where President Donald Trump resides and which is also the headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States, we are talking about Washington D.C. Officially called the Washington District of Columbia, the city was named to honor the first …

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Queretaro: the first city to ban plastic bags

Queretaro.- The measure was announced by the Mayor of Queretaro, Marcos Aguilar Vega, in the framework of the World Environment Day. To achieve banning plastic bags, 4 recyclable bags will be delivered to the residents of each home, where there will also be information on climate change and how to combat it. He said once this policy is implemented, whoever …

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Around The Globe 04.19.18

Here are some of the recent stories that have made regional, national and international headlines: *Airstrikes: Reacting to an April 7 gas attack believed to have been carried out against Syrian civilians by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the United States, France and Great Britain launched airstrikes on April 14 against the Middle Eastern country. News agencies reported that the attacks …

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Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

When it comes to storms and hurricanes, you can never be too prepared. To keep your family safe, it’s important to prepare for the worst because once a hurricane or storm hits, action must be taken quickly. In the case of a power outage, a common side effect of natural disasters, one of the best pieces of equipment to have …

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Remembering 2017: The year in news

Compiled by the Dos Mundos staff January Protests and road blockades emerged on Jan. 2 in Mexico after a “gasolinazo” – a Spanish term for a forceful hike in gas prices – kicked into effect for the new year. The hike marked a new government policy of deregulating the country’s previously nationalized oil industry, according to news outlets. A gallon …

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Deadly earthquake strikes Mexico

By Chara The death toll from the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in the last 100 years keeps rising. At press time, over 90 deaths had been reported from an 8.2 earthquake that took place on Sept. 7. In addition, the disaster had left more than 1,000 houses in shambles and more than 1 million people needing assistance. With an …

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