My Interview With the Dictator

By Jorge Ramos How should you interview a dictator? That was the question I asked myself before my conversation with Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela in Caracas on Feb. 25. I had watched Maduro’s interviews with other journalists and decided I wanted to do something different: I would ask tough questions right from the start, forcing […]

Editorial 06.13.19 : In honor of dads

Thirty-six years ago, actor Michael Keaton lampooned an ex-engineer sentenced by unemployment to the alien and uncomfortable role of stay-at-home dad with three little kids. The actual discomfiting experience of comedy writer John Hughes while babysitting his own kids inspired the 1983 film, “Mr. Mom”. Audiences today probably wouldn’t be as amused. In 2019, the […]

“Dreamers” bill moves to Senate

By Chara On June 4, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to protect “Dreamers” from deportation and open a path to citizenship to more than 2 million undocumented immigrants. Known as the Dream and Promise Act, the bill is moving to the Senate, thanks to a House vote of 237-187. Those who voted […]

Delia Garcia sworn in as Kansas secretary of labor

By Roberta Pardo Delia Garcia was sworn in as Kansas secretary of labor June 5 by Kansas Court of Appeals Chief Justice Karen Arnold-Burger. The ceremony, held at the Old Supreme Court Chambers of the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka, also had a special guest: American civil rights icon and labor leader Dolores Huerta. While Garcia […]

New ICE chief considering stepping up family deportations

By Roberta Pardo U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is looking to step up deportations of families who are in the United States illegally, the country’s new top immigration official recently announced. Mark Morgan, ICE acting director, said that even though the agency would continue to prioritize the deportations of people with criminal histories, no […]