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Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: Why is an emergency plan important?

Immigration laws in the United States are constantly changing and therefore it is important to be prepared for your peace of mind and that of your family.What should I do? We have prepared a special emergency package to help you and your family be prepared in case of an emergency. Here are the most important […]

Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: U Visa in Kansas City

In recent months, new updates on how to obtain a U visa in our area. Attorney Jessica Piedra answers some questions to clarify doubts on the subject.Q. “Are there new opportunities to get a U visa?”A. “Yes, what’s new in our area is that it is now possible to get a certification for crimes that […]

The inhumane treatment of migrants, a danger at the border

Healthcare providers struggle to meet migrant needs at the U.S.-Mexico border By Tere SiqueiraThe journey of migrants at the southern border of the United States has reached a critical and alarming point. Amidst scorching heat, inhumane policies, and life-threatening obstacles, the tragic stories unfolding at the border are a stark reminder of the harsh reality […]

Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, what is it?

The Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is a program for young immigrants living in this country without their parents. Attorney Jessica Piedra explains more about this program. Q. There are many young immigrants here in the United States without their parents, what options do they have to adjust their status?A. The government recognizes that their lives […]

Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: How to apply for asylum?

There are different ways in which a person can apply for an asylum case. Attorney Jessica Piedra explains important points to consider in the Asylum process in case you are eligible. Q. “¿Who can apply for asylum?”A. “People who are afraid to return to their country either because they are persecuted by their government or […]

Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: LGBTQIA+ community and their immigration rights

In June we celebrate and commemorate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. Throughout history the LGBTQIA+ community has had to face several obstacles just by existing and being themselves. In the past, something as simple as being able to get married seemed impossible to them.Today, after years of fighting and resistance by members of the community and activists, […]

Jorge Ramos: Lo que está mal en la Florida

MIAMI — No hay nada más fácil, injusto y hasta cruel que culpar a los inmigrantes por los problemas que tenemos. Es increíble que en este 2023, en un país creado por extranjeros, sigan imponiendo leyes que castigan y criminalizan a los recién llegados. Y la Florida, donde está mi casa, es el mejor ejemplo […]

Migrant caravan heading toward Mexico City

By Chara On Sunday (April 23), a new migrant caravan started its way toward Mexico City.According to the news service Reuters, the caravan has more than 3,000 migrants.“We joined the caravan to be safer and not be detained,” an immigrant in the caravan was quoted by Reuters as saying.Mexican authorities believe the caravan will reach […]