Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Dra. Nancy Álarez: Entre padres e hijos, El poder de las palabras

“Conversar con niños es un arte único con sus propias reglas y significados. Los niños raramente son ingenuos en sus comunicaciones. Sus mensajes a menudo están en clave y hay que saber descifrarlos” (Dr. Haim G. Ginott) “Entre padres e hijos” se llama un libro que me envió Milena Alberti, de Random House. Viniendo de […]

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: Marriage is only for adults

During one of my shows, “¿Quién tiene la razón?” (“Who is right?”), I watched a mother and daughter and realized how, over and over again, children recycle their parents’ behaviors. The mother cried because her daughter was in love with a guy “just like her dad.” She begged me to convince her daughter to leave […]

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: Women, freed but exhausted

The majority of households worldwide are maintained by a woman in the economic and emotional aspects. We achieved women’s liberation, but we forgot to push men to do the men’s liberation and in the middle we got stuck: freed, ready, but with excessive work, tension and anxiety disorders. We make good money but we get […]

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: When two people are good, there’s no room for a third

Many people ask me why they can’t forgive an infidelity from their partners, let alone, forget one. We know an infidelity rattles your ground in the same way a suicide from a loved one does: you ask yourself why, you get depressed and it affects your self-esteem. But if the couple seeks help and admits […]

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: What does it take to have a good divorce?

First, you have to define what others call “a good divorce.” That doesn’t exist, because to have a good divorce, you need the same thing you need to have a good marriage: -Respect -Loyalty -Good communication -Having grown as a human being -Be transparent -Behave like an adult -Value others -Be sincere -Know how to […]

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: The three stages of a couple

By Dra. Nancy Álvarez The man-woman couple relationship has evolved and changed like every living being. The couple is a different entity from the two sides that are part of it. It grows and evolves, going through three stages. Look around you and you’ll find many couples that have stayed in the first stage. Traditional […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: The consequences of incest

Incest is sexual abuse in a relationship of power. It is the betrayal of trust what harms the child, who can be a victim of the father, mother, grandfather, an uncle or other family members. Remember that incest not only refers to blood family ,but also to love ties, to the link the victim has […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: What do we do with emotional illiterates men?

My buddy, Dr. Segundo Imbert Brugal, always said that in every couple’s bed there are not two, but six people: the current couple and the parents of each of them. The dance between father and mother marks the dance that your children will dance in the future. Can there be something more important? I think […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: I’m worried because my son peed the bed

This is a very common “accident” suffered by children, adolescents and adults and causes them even more shame and psychological problems. It is called bedwetting or urinary incontinence to that “wet the bed” without being able to control it even if it is tried, and as long as it is not due to a medical […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: Talk to your children about sex

More and more parents are aware of the need to sexually educate their children. You should know that if you do not sexually educate your children, they will be “educated” in other places. The point is whether this education will be good or bad. If they watch television or if they enter the Internet, they […]