Where generations fall on the retirement spectrum

By Angie Baldelomar Retirement planning is on most people’s minds. But not everyone has a retirement plan. How Americans are planning for or thinking about retirement depends on their age. Retirement planning for today’s twenty-somethings, for example, isn’t the same as it was for their parents or grandparents. Below is a glimpse at how three […]

How to deal with your parents’ divorce as an adult

Commentary by Angie Baldelomar For years, the focus of divorce studies has been on how divorce affects young children. Less emphasis has been put on how divorce affects children whose parents separate once they’re adults. The lack of research has resulted in a lack of support and resources to help adult children navigate their parents’ […]

How to cope with your divorce

Commentary by Chara Divorce is one of the hardest parts of life to handle. People who get divorced must deal with some intense emotions, including depression and grief. Although it can take a long time to heal, this difficult period of life is something that can be overcome. If you’re going through a divorce, try […]

“Gray” divorce rate has doubled, study shows

By Angie Baldelomar While the divorce rate among younger couples has decreased over the past few decades, the divorce rate among older couples – or “gray” divorces – has doubled since 1990, according to a Pew Research Center study. According to the data, one out of every four people experiencing divorce is over 50. Nearly […]

How to talk to your teen about dating

Commentary by Carey Juez-Perez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Often, teens develop an interest in dating. With raging hormones, peer pressure and a multitude of other stressors teens face, it’s important for parents or guardians to talk with their children about healthy relationships. Here are a few tips: *Define a healthy relationship: First, ask your children […]

How to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Achieving a New Year’s resolution can be difficult. According to a study by the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 39 percent of people in their 20s achieve their resolution goals each year. And the percentage decreases with age: Only 14 percent of people in their 50s achieve their resolution goals. Good strategies […]

Las Posadas celebration has its own set of customs

By Yanis de Palma Many Latin Americans and U.S. Hispanics are preparing to observe an annual Christmastime tradition: Las Posadas. The Catholic tradition commemorates Mary and Joseph’s journey in seeking shelter to give birth to Jesus Christ. “Posada” is Spanish for “inn” or “shelter.” Beginning on Dec. 16, the celebration runs for nine evenings, culminating […]

How to weatherize your home

Commentary by Chara Statistics show that more than 70 percent of Americans see an increase in their energy bills during the winter. But there are ways to prevent spikes in wintertime utility bills. To avoid high utility costs and improve heating efficiency, it’s key to weatherize your home. Some steps you should take include the […]

How to choose your retirement account

By Chara A retirement account is something you should consider opening. A retirement account not only allows you to live comfortably after you’ve stopped working; it benefits your family, too. To help you choose the right retirement account for you, consider the following: *Opening a 401(k) or a Roth 401(k): The 401(k) allows you to […]

Jimenez shares story of surviving domestic violence

Interview by Tere Siqueira Dos Mundos supports October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As a show of that support, the newspaper presents the following transcript of a recent interview with Natividad Jimenez, who shared her story of being a victim and survivor of domestic abuse: Dos Mundos: Tell us a little about how your relationship […]