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Asteroids named after African American, Hispanic and Native American astronauts

By Roberta Pardo NASA has named 27 asteroids after African American, Hispanic and Native American astronauts and a cosmonaut to recognize their significant contributions in expanding “our horizons beyond Earth and to inspire the next generation of space explorers,” an official press release stated.Among the 27 people who inspired the new asteroid names is Jose […]

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. legacy

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Many Americans, unfortunately, see Martin Luther King Jr. Day (observed Jan. 20 this year) as only a day off. King’s inspirational leadership and speeches helped transform local protests into a historically important movement – the Civil Rights Movement – which deserves to be meaningfully recognized. Alas, his dream of equal rights […]

Jan. 1 is not the only New Year’s Day

By Tere Siqueira For much of the world, Jan. 1 will mark the beginning of a new year. However, not all people follow the Gregorian calendar, which designates January as the first month of each year. Other new-year celebrations across the world include the following: *Lunar New Year (a.k.a., Chinese New Year): The most important […]

Nativity traditions go back hundreds of years

By Tere Siqueira Whether performed by children, set up as figurines in front of a Christmas tree or installed as a piece of art in a church, the nativity scene is a significant Christmas tradition. It also is a longstanding one. The origin of the nativity scene goes back to the 1200s, multiple sources have […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a powerful matriarchal symbol

Commentary by Tere Siqueira The Lady of Guadalupe is an influential figure in Latin American Christianity, particularly Mexican Christianity. During Spain’s colonization of Mexico, she drew a significant portion of the indigenous population to the Christian faith. And today, she is a powerful matriarchal symbol. As a woman, the Lady of Guadalupe represents all women […]

Child with autism publishes first book

Ten-year-old Sergio Gomez Quintero has published his first book, “My blue universe,” with 29 tales about zombies, monsters and imaginary friends. The boy from Granada, Spain, has always loved writing and literature. He also has always had to live with autism. Literature and writing have helped him advance in his speech and communication skills. “Sergio […]

Consumer Electronics Show reveals new technologies

By Chara As the world is evolving, technology is evolving with it. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which took place during the winter in Las Vegas, Nevada, showed some of the possible ways technology will change people’s lives. Some of the technological advances that were presented during the event included the following: *OLED TV system: […]

Street Talk: What is the meaning of Three Kings Day?

By Yanis De Palma   What Three Kings Day means depends on who you ask about it. Recently, Dos Mundos asked some people what the Jan. 6 celebration means to them. Here are their answers: “It’s a special day for our culture. I remember that, as a kid, even when my family didn’t have a […]

Day of the Dead is not the Mexican Halloween

By Tere Siqueira Because they have similar roots and are celebrated at the end of harvest season, some people might see Halloween and the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos in Spanish) as two versions of the same holiday. But they could not be more different. “The meaning in Halloween’s ghost can’t compare […]

Huerta winning victories for Latinos through activism

By Chara Part IV of a National Hispanic Heritage Month commemoration series A Latina’s activism has earned her national recognition, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest award for civilians. The activist is Dolores Huerta. Born in New Mexico, Huerta graduated from the Stockton College branch of the University of the Pacific system with […]