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Editorial: Summer reading: small investment, big returns

Welcome, summer break. The annual occurrence is happily anticipated by students, teachers and parents.For kids, it means freedom – to sleep in, log more screen time, play more and just chill out, unencumbered by scholastic deadlines and obligations. Typically, for younger students summer break offers a uniquely carefree, fuss-free existence peculiar to the youngest among […]

Editorial: Shame on Washington

Millions of Americans watched the nail-biting drama in Washington. For some of the nation’s poorest and most vulnerable, it’s personally alarming. As high-profile negotiations and political posturing persist in the nation’s capital, many of the 66-plus million retirees, disabled workers, eligible dependents and others covered by Social Security worry that their monthly payments could be […]

Editorial: Mothers, bless ‘em

The stories of Tomasa Quintanilla, Celina Báez, Doña Donaciana Corral de Larrazolo and Rosanne Deardorff illustrate how motherhood charmed history.Tomasa bore five children and raised them during the Great Depression. The eldest, Lauro Jr. went on to serve as U.S. Education Secretary, the first Hispanic to hold a cabinet post. He was an author and […]

Editorial: Mexico’s Independence Day: Sept. 16

Mexico celebrates Independence Day Sept. 16. On that day in 1810, Roman Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo set off a decade-long Mexican struggle for freedom from Spain. An impassioned utterance from his moving speech, Grito de Dolores (the cry of Dolores) is known as the battle cry for independence. Here in America, Mexico’s Independence Day is […]

Editorial: Rx for ruin: political indifferenceEditorial:

Crime. Gang activity. Drug and human trafficking. Broken sidewalks and crumbling curbs. Blighted properties. Lack of affordable housing. All are problems bedeviling Kansas Citians. All are the city council’s responsibility to address. And yet, only 14% of Kansas Citians turned out to vote in the April 4 primary election.Democracy works best when residents make their […]

Editorial: Talking to kids about school shootingsEditorial:

Parents send kids to school with three expectations: That they’re going to be safe; they’re going to learn; and they’re going to come home. For some unfortunate families, that’s a vain hope. School shootings are a damning fact of life.Mass shootings are defined as “resulting in the deaths of four or more people, not including […]

Editorial: A survival imperativeEditorial:

This is the year to reinvigorate personal storm readiness. On average, 71 people a year nationwide die as a result of tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service, typically during the peak tornado season – April, May and June here in the Midwestern U.S. As of April 6, however, at least 63 people have lost […]

Editorial: KCI: monument to omission

From the air, Kansas City’s sleek new terminal embellishing verdant flatlands presents a picturesque Great Plains tableau, suitable for postcards, calendars and design or architecture magazine covers. The new 40-gate Kansas City International Airport is a point of pride. It was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.Boasting aside, appearances belie problems, however. Traffic congestion […]

Editorial: Planning to be safe

Planeando estar a salvo A principios de este mes, cuatro estadounidenses fueron secuestrados en México. Latavia McGee y tres amigos, Eric Williams, Shaeed Woodard y Zindell Brown, habían conducido una minivan a Matamoros, donde supuestamente McGee planeaba someterse a una cirugía estética. Ella y Williams sobrevivieron y fueron encontrados días después con los cuerpos de […]

Editorial: Respect the cops who protect us

Respetar a los policías que nos protegen Los habitantes de las sociedades civilizadas tienen el lujo de dar por sentado la seguridad y la protección. Elegimos representantes del gobierno, quienes crean leyes para mantener la paz y contratan profesionales para hacerlas cumplir.El destino de nuestra seguridad y protección está en manos de los agentes del […]