Hablando con la abogada: Invest in your immigration case now!

The time is now to file your immigration case! Many families will be receiving tax refunds and new stimulus checks soon. What better way to improve your life than to begin your green card or citizenship process!The IRS is now accepting tax returns – file now before the April 15th deadline. If you need help […]

Hablando con la abogada:TPS/DACA Time to Travel!

It is cold now, but the summer is coming! Apply now to obtain a Travel Permit if you have TPS or DACA! Make plans now to spend the warm months with family and friends. We can help you get your travel permit now!Persons with Temporary Protected Status can request permission to take a trip outside […]

New President – New Opportunities!

We have a new president, Mr. Joe Biden! He has promised to expand opportunities for immigrants in his first days in office. Some programs he can start right away!DACA: First-time applications are open now! He supports expanding the program to more immigrants! Apply now for the first-time or to renew!TPS: Mr. Biden is likely to […]

Habalando con Jessica Piedra: Hope for Immigrants!

The election is finally over and we will have a new president-elect! While Mr. Biden will not be inaugurated until January 20, 2021, we can all breathe a little easier and look forward to positive changes for our community. Mr. Biden has promised to un-do many of the the anti-immigrant policies we have suffered under […]

Hablando con Jessica Piedra: Fee increase blocked – File Now!

The anticipated filing fee increase was blocked by the courts on Tuesday! This means we have more time to apply for citizenship and permanent residency with the current fees. The courts could change this at any time, so act now! Historically, applicants for US Citizenship could ask for a fee waiver to avoid paying the […]

Hablando con Jessica Piedra: You are not stuck with your lawyer!

Hello friends, your legal process for immigration is one of the most important things in your life. Be sure to chose a lawyer that you can trust and who responds to your questions. Lawyers have a lot of rules so that the clients are protected. One of those rules is that the client can change […]

Hablando con Jessica Piedra: Save money on your Citizenship!

Now is a great time to apply for citizenship! Being a citizen is so important, the USCIS offers many ways to pay or even avoid the filing fee! There are three levels of fees depending on your income and you can pay with a credit card. Don’t wait – the fee will go up to […]

Hablando con Jessica Piedra: Public Charge Stopped!

Now is a great time to file your family-based permanent residency case! A federal court has stopped the Public Charge rule because of the pandemic. We are back to the regular rules for obtaining your green card inside or outside the United States. The Public Charge rule changes have been scary for many immigrant families. […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: What is happening with DACA?

We have been up and down with DACA! The Supreme Court said go and the Trump administration says stop. It has been a long battle and it is not over yet! DACA was started in 2012 by President Obama as an Executive Order. It gives immigrants who came as children protection from deportation and a […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: What’s happening with the Immigration Office?

So many changes lately with the Immigration Office due to COVID-19 and politics!!! The USCIS office and the Immigration Courts closed down in March. They are starting to re-open, but a lay-off looms for August! What does this mean for you? The USCIS office shut down on March 18th. The USCIS office in Kansas City […]