Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Dra. Nancy Álarez: What do we do with emotional illiterates men?

My buddy, Dr. Segundo Imbert Brugal, always said that in every couple’s bed there are not two, but six people: the current couple and the parents of each of them. The dance between father and mother marks the dance that your children will dance in the future. Can there be something more important? I think […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: Talk to your children about sex

More and more parents are aware of the need to sexually educate their children. You should know that if you do not sexually educate your children, they will be “educated” in other places. The point is whether this education will be good or bad. If they watch television or if they enter the Internet, they […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: Six tips to control premature ejaculation

If you get “to the top” ahead of time, keep reading. You will find six tips to control premature ejaculation. If you can not control your ejaculation and it almost always surprises you, you are a premature ejaculator. This has serious consequences for the man because the woman needs much more time to have an […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: What does it take to have a good divorce?

By Dra. Nancy Álvarez Divorce is considered the second cause of stress in a person. Like the death of a close relative, divorce is a very difficult situation, of mourning and loss. What concerns the most about divorce is how you handle this process with the children. Even though studies indicate that children of divorce […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: When work becomes ‘the other’

There are many forms of addictions. Many think that we can only develop an addiction to drugs, pornography, and gambling. However, we can also be addicted to food, people, shopping and even to work! Workaholics cannot stop working, they are neglected physically and psychologically. They also live in a constant race because they cannot “waste […]

Dra. Nancy Álarez: When to end a relationship?

We have been raised in a culture of soap operas in which being in love is the only enough reason to get married or live in free union with someone. The nonsense stuff they want to sell us! Always remember that FOR LOVE TO WORK, LOVING IS NOT ENOUGH. In fact, there are many compelling […]

Will government assistance hurt my chances?

Hello again, my friends. By now, you have all heard the rumors regarding changes to the rules on government assistance and immigration. For the last twenty years, only cash assistance was a problem for immigration. While some rules have changed a little bit, we have not yet seen any changes in how cases are processed. […]

La Columna de Nancy alvarez: Nudity and your children

Commentary by Dr. Nancy Alvarez During childhood, children learn to see nudity as something beautiful and natural. And during that period, they determine what attitudes they’ll have about the naked human body. This is important because a sexually healthy person must have a feeling of naturalness about nudity. Sadly, this isn’t common. Most people have […]