Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

About Dos Mundos and the Hispanic Community in Kansas City

Manuel and Clara Reyes started Dos Mundos in 1981

It is with great pride that we at Dos Mundos/Two Worlds celebrate the beginning 39th year of publishing.

As Kansas City and the Midwest’s leading bilingual newspaper, we are fortunate to have members of our company who are dedicated to serving the community through news and information day in and day out.

We are even more fortunate to have tremendous support from the community during our thirty-ninth year of business. Now, were are continuing in a new decade of successful news reporting and business communications.

Our thanks to nearly 9,100 businesses and organizations, who realized the value of Dos Mundos as a component of their marketing efforts and to readers who have taken advantage of our coverage by announcing special events that were taking place in their communities.

As you review our website, please keep in mind that we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and are fully capable and eager to apply our knowledge and experience to the task of marketing your goods or services.

Should you desire further information please do not hesitate to call. Dos Mundos offers a valuable resource for reaching the Hispanic community in Kansas City.

Because 80-90% of the information in Dos Mundos is translated, our readers represent a diverse cross-section of the area’s consumers. Dos Mundos’ readers represent an educated and active group.

Our readers come from a full range of consumer types. Professional, blue-collar, students and entrepreneurs. The reader’s average age is estimated to be between 32-34 with an average income of $36,000. It is important to remember that Dos Mundos offers the best of both the traditional market as well as the Hispanic market. Teachers and students use Dos Mundos as an informal learning tool.

International businesspersons keep up on events both here and in Latin America. Lawyers, Doctors, housewives, etc. all read Dos Mundos.


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