Cabot Westside more than just providing medical care

By Angie Baldelomar The Samuel U. Rodgers Cabot Westside Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri’s Westside area has a long history of serving minority communities, including the Hispanic community. During the early 1900s, as Mexican immigrants arrived in Kansas City, they started looking for jobs and settled in the Westside. “However, they did get met with […]

New COVID-19 Testing Site Coming to Wyandotte County

The Unified Government Public Health Department (UGPHD) will open a new COVID-19 testing facility on October 19! The new facility will be located at the former Kmart location at 7836 State Avenue in Kansas City, KS. COVID-19 testing hours at the new facility will be the same as at the Ann Avenue facility: Monday-Friday, 9 AM […]

COVID-19 pandemic brings changes to dating world

By Chara The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought changes to the world of socializing and dating. Since the pandemic started earlier this year, people have been making connections virtually, via dating apps. Dating apps allow people to mark their profiles with badges that indicate the types of dates they want to have. Socially distanced dates, […]

Get Your Flu Shot – It’s Never Been More Important!

It has never been more important for you, your family and your loved ones to get a flu shot than it is in 2020. Why? Because for the first time, we have both the flu virus and COVID-19 present in our community. Medical experts recommend that everyone age six months and over get a flu […]

Cáncer de mama: Vida después de la cirugía

By Esther Beniflah Cada cuatro segundos se diagnostica cáncer de mama a una mujer. Muchas perderán uno o ambos senos durante su valiente lucha contra la enfermedad. Sin embargo, la buena noticia es que la tasa de supervivencia para el diagnóstico temprano es del 90%. Por eso, hay mucha vida después de la cirugía reconstructiva […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Healthy habits can reduce risk of breast cancer By Roberta Pardo October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although cancer is not preventable, there are certain habits one can practice to help reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer. Here are some of those habits, courtesy of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Mayo Clinic: […]

Get Asymptomatic Testing in October!

You can now get free, asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 in Wyandotte County. This expands testing eligibility at major testing sites throughout the County. Previously, testing was limited to people with symptoms or people who had been exposed to COVID-19. Now, Wyandotte County residents can be tested for COVID-19 regardless of symptoms or exposure to COVID-19. […]

Pandemic raises domestic violence, child abuse issues

By Tere Siqueira The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put a spotlight on numerous other crises, including reporting and responding to domestic violence and child abuse incidents. Statistics show the number of domestic violence assaults has decreased nationwide this year. On a local level, Kansas City, Missouri, officials recently claimed that domestic violence assaults have decreased […]

Researchers continue quest to develop COVID-19 vaccine

By Roberta Pardo While the world continues to fight the consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, researchers continue their quest to find a vaccine for COVID-19. There are around 40 COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials out of roughly 240 vaccines being developed. Of those, nine are already in the final stage of testing on thousands […]

Dementia deaths on the rise; reasons linked to pandemic

By Roberta Pardo Deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia rose to more than 20% above normal over the summer, a new article by Politico reported. The figure is linked to the pandemic. Factors such as increased isolation and stress during lockdown, lapses in nursing home care and missed COVID-19 diagnoses have all likely contributed […]