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Survivor shares abuse story to raise awareness

By Angie BaldelomarChildren remain the most vulnerable population for all kinds of abuse.This is exacerbated by parents not talking with their children about boundaries and what situations merit going to them for help, as sexual abuse survivor

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Let’s get vaccinating

On Monday, the Kansas Health Department reported 5,180 new coronavirus cases since Friday (Jan. 8); Missouri saw 1,659 new cases from Saturday to Sunday. The

Fine weather draws us outside

Over the past week, the mood of our yard has transitioned from Halloween to Christmas. Ours isn’t the only property lively with the activity of

Be informed and vote

This year, 2020, has been and continues to be historic. The coronavirus pandemic has dictated how we live since late February. Thousands of K-12 students



By Chara Habemus béisbol Una última reunión entre la oficina del comisionado de las Grandes Ligas y la Asociación de Jugadores el martes terminó con

DEPORTES y más deportes

By Chara Bayern manda en la Bundesliga Bayern Munich se coronó campeón de la temporada 2019-20 de la Bundesliga tras vencer de visita al Werder

Chiefs return to the Super Bowl

By CharaA speedy recovery by Patrick Mahomes II helped the Kansas City Chiefs win their second AFC title and reach their second straight Super Bowl.The 25-year-old quarterback was in doubt to start against Buffalo in the AFC title game Sunday (Jan. 24) at Arrowhead Stadium after being injured Jan. 17




Migrant crisis deepens at the border

By Roberta Pardo The migrant crisis continues to deepen at the border.For the past several weeks, the Biden administration’s attention along the Mexico border has been