How to help preserve bees

Cómo ayudar a preservar las abejas Necesitamos abejas en nuestras vidas.Desafortunadamente, en los últimos años, la Agencia de Protección Ambiental descubrió que los pesticidas están matando a las abejas, que son polinizadores que ayudan a mantener la cadena alimenticia y producen la miel que comen los humanos. Para ayudar a proteger a las abejas de […]

Voces Consulares: Healthy mind in healthy body

Mente sana en cuerpo sano Del 2 al 8 de mayo realizamos la primera semana binacional de activación deportiva, promovida por el Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior, donde todos los Consulados llevamos a cabo eventos para promover la importancia de la actividad física. En Kansas City, participamos en una clase de yoga con […]

How to plan a memorable summer

¿Cómo planificar un verano memorable? El clima más cálido significa que se acerca el verano, lo que le permite planificar momentos divertidos con sus seres queridos.Los siguientes consejos pueden ayudarlo a preparar un verano divertido para todos en la familia:*Cree una lista de deseos para el verano: Una lista de deseos para el verano debe […]

Cinco de Mayo

La fiesta de el Cinco de Mayo El Cinco de Mayo se ha convertido en una fiesta popular para la gente en los Estados Unidos. Aquí hay algunos datos que quizás no conozca sobre este feriado anual que se celebra el 5 de mayo:*Origen: Contrariamente a la creencia popular, el Cinco de Mayo no es […]

Mothers: powerful, magical beings

Cowards don’t choose to become mothers. “Motherhood calls for courage from the very beginning,” wrote Elizabeth Torres, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in her book, Just This Moment: A Guide for Moms Who Want to Enjoy Parenting, Raise Great Kids and THRIVE! Women may romanticize motherhood and go naively into it with “sweet ideas,” […]

KCKPS opens enrollment for extended summertime learning

By Chara KCKPS opens enrollment for extended summertime learning Enrollment has begun for Our Summer Bridge to Diploma+, Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools’ (KCKPS’) extended summertime learning program.Designed to help students maintain skills they might not have acquired during the regular school year, the program differs from traditional summer school, said Judith Campbell, KCKPS associate […]

Solar energy offers many benefits

Commentary by Chara If you want to save money while staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, consider using solar energy in your home.Solar energy panels offer many benefits, including the following: *Lower energy bills: The sun can power your home. On sunny days and during the warm season, you will produce […]

Holidays at a glance: Easter

By Tere Siqueira Easter has Christian roots, but it also has become popularly celebrated as a secular holiday.Here are a few facts you might not know about this annual holiday, being observed this year on Sunday (April 17) by many people and on April 24 by Orthodox Christians: *Origin: Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on […]

How to encourage your children to attend college

Commentary by Chara From 2000 to 2018, the rate of college enrollment increased from 63% to 69%, according to statistics from – and it is easy to understand why.A college education has many benefits, including personal growth and finding a stable job that provides career satisfaction. Thus, as a parent, it is important that you […]

Area offers multiple resources for child abuse

By Tere Siqueira In 2020, the child abuse rate for children of Hispanic origin was at 7.8, indicating 7.8 out of every 1,000 Hispanic children in the U.S. suffered from some sort of abuse. We at Dos Mundos offer the following counseling, treatment and recovery resources available to area residents:*Synergy Services- Children’s Advocacy Center: Synergy provides […]