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Duck boat victims shouldn’t have died

At 11:20 a.m. CDT on July 19, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in Springfield, Mo., issued a severe thunderstorm watch for southwest Missouri through 9 p.m. Included in the watch was Table Rock Lake. The announcement portended disaster for 17 people who were going about their day, unaware that it was their last. They came from Arkansas, Illinois, …

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Happy new year, a new school year = a fresh start

It’s time for new year’s resolutions. Not calendar year, another school year is about to begin. The way we approach setting measurable goals each Jan. 1 to improve our life, health or success can be applied to embarking on a new academic year. A new year, a fresh start. It’s the ideal time to re-evaluate past behavior and habits and …

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Editorial: EditEvery vote & every voter counts

Kansas’s Aug. 7 primary election will decide who appears on the November ballot for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, commissioner of insurance, a state senator, all 125 state representatives, five state board of education members, all four U.S. representatives from Kansas and various judges. The deadline for registering to vote was July 17. Kansans who …

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Blame black-market employers in U.S.

On Jan. 10, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 21 workers in raids in 98 7-Elevent stores in 17 states. Since then, the federal agency has carried out raids in four more businesses in varied industries in three states, taking into custody another 389 undocumented immigrants. With a few exceptions for health and other reasons, the 410 immigrants arrested …

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Workers’ purchasing power plummeting

A friend’s granddaughter moved in with her this spring. The 23-year-old has been teaching since earning her degree a year ago. She needed to replace her 15 year-old automobile, but between forking over $1,000 a month for a studio apartment, not including utilities, and making payments on her student loan, Celia wasn’t able to make ends meet, let alone save …

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Do we want gunslingers in classrooms?

Federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement officers are trained to protect the public, public officials and public facilities and infrastructure; maintain order and keep the peace; enforce the law; investigate and prevent criminal activity; and operate correctional facilities. Their schooling – classroom instruction and field and range work — includes firearms training, which the courts have ordered to be …

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Remembering as we celebrate 37 years

Thirty-seven years ago this month, we produced the first issue of Dos Mundos newspaper with the help and support of our teenage children, Edward and Diana and a few close friends. It began humbly in the basement of our Overland Park home as a black-and-white biweekly broadsheet. We’re pleased and proud that Dos Mundos is still thriving as a family …

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Fathers as dads

A recent social media post by a New Hampshire man that went viral is making national news and stirring a worldwide conversation. “I’m getting pretty sick of having to change my daughter on a disgusting floor because the only changing table in the place is located in the women’s bathroom,” Chris Mau posted on Facebook on May 26. Alongside his …

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Honoring our war dead

Hundreds of motorcyclists rode through Kansas City Monday as they have for the past 30 years the week before Memorial Day. The annual Run for the Wall event will come to a close at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Sunday. The cross-country ride is meant, in part to honor the memory of all American veterans killed in …

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Morally bankrupt: immigration/deportation policy

Like his predecessors, President Trump is right to assert sovereignty over our national borders. We have the right of all other countries to control the entry of individuals desiring to reside here permanently or temporarily. With regard to the current global migration crisis, Trump’s also correct when he says that the U.S. and the rest of the industrialized world can’t …

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