Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Remembering the sights and sounds of RFK Stadium, a hallowed hall of soccer

If soccer in this country had a holy site – if we cared enough, collectively, to preserve just one stadium ’til the end of time – it would be RFK Stadium. It has seen it all: iteration after iteration of top-flight club soccer from the 1960s to today. US men’s and women’s national team matches. […]

SKC Goalkeeper on Home Brewing and Overcoming Setbacks — EVERYBODY SOCCER

cover photo belongs to Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports The interview occurred earlier this month before Dykstra started for Sporting Kansas City at the end of the season. Dykstra subbed on for an injured Tim Melia on October 8th and played the last four regular season games for SKC, as well as perform […]