Dr Myriam Ensling:Unintended malnutrition guard Part 6

In my practice, I see many patients who try to lose weight yet they malnourish themselves or they continue to have all complications of obesity despite the fact that they are able to reach normal or low weight with diet and exercise. Excess of carbohydrates, diets based on processed foods, vegan diets with lack of […]

David Harbour, Ofició boda de unos fans

David Harbour, el jefe de policía Jim Hopper en ‘Stranger Things’, se ha ganado el amor de todos sus fans. Hace casi un año, una fan le pidió a través de Twitter que oficiara su boda. Él contestó que si la propuesta alcanzaba los 125.000 retuits, lo haría y en menos de 24 horas el […]

Volume 38 Issue 38 • 09/20/2018 – 09/26/2018

In this issue Trump administration diverts FEMA money to fund ICE operations Wonderful World: Discover London U.S. planning to pay Mexico to deport unauthorized immigrants Miss Teen USA 2017 advocating for organ donation

Dra. Nancy Álvarez: Do not let gossip take you away from your loved ones

Studying Murray Bowen has been a revelation for me. What I like most is “how to avoid being triangulated” or, what is the same, how to avoid falling for gossip and all the consequences of this pathology. I loved proving how harmful gossip is and how much it stops human beings from growing! I’ve suffered […]