Root canals save millions of teeth, statistics show

By Chara To many people, the term “root canal” sounds painful. A root canal is performed when a tooth is damaged, diseased or injured. The dental procedure is done to help relieve pain and save a tooth from possible extraction. According to the American Association of Endodontists, around 22.3 million endodontic procedures are performed each […]

Add Joy to Spring Cleaning

While spring cleaning can be crucial in keeping your home in tip-top shape, especially for DIYers who find inspiration in the bright season for new home decor projects, the annual ritual can also feel overwhelming. To add color and whimsy, and make spring cleaning a more joyous event, consider these ideas from mom and designer […]

María Marín: ¿Naciste para ser madre?

Mi maestro de quinto grado decía que todas las personas tenían que cumplir tres cosas en la vida: escribir un libro, sembrar un árbol y tener un hijo. Un día sembré en mi jardín un arbolito de limón que todavía da fruto; años después escribí un libro y solo me faltaba tener el hijo. Me […]