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Deportes y más deportes….07.04.19

Superclásico en semis de la Copa América Brasil y Argentina se enfrentarán en las semifinales de la Copa América en una edición más del Superclásico de las Américas el martes 2 de junio en Belo Horizonte. Brasil tuvo que ir hasta los penales para conseguir su boleto a semis luego de terminar 0-0 ante Paraguay […]

Wonderful World: Discover Athens

Welcome tourists! In this edition, we have to talk about a European city that has a history of more than 3 thousand years; much of the influence of western culture was born there. We refer to about Athens, Greece. The foundation of Athens dates back to, according to historians, the tenth century BC; it has […]

Dave says 07.04.19

Dear Dave, Recently, the garage where I worked for a long time went out of business. I have a lot of my own tools, and I was thinking about taking out a loan of around $20,000 to buy a few extra tools I need to open my own garage. It’s always been a dream of […]