Are You Self-Employed? Know What Taxes You Must Pay

Report all income, pay required taxes to maximize Social Security benefits If you are a contracted worker or otherwise self-employed and don’t report all of your income and pay quarterly estimated taxes and self-employment tax, you may get a lower Social Security retirement benefit when the time comes to collect. “Benefits are based on your […]

Here’s why you need a will, and how to get one

By Chris Hogan We all want to do nice things for our loved ones. We go on family trips and celebrate life›s wins together. It›s sometimes difficult for us to consider the bad things that can happen in life, but we still have to be prepared. That›s why having a will is so important!  Not […]

Dear Dave: 09.05.19

Dear Dave, Our son is 27, and he has a good job making $55,000 a year. Recently, we learned he financed an expensive car he’s now upside down on. In addition, he has accumulated over $15,000 in credit card debt. He lives in a small town, and only pays $650 a month in rent, but […]

The Builders’ Association receives award from the Boy Scouts

The Builders’ Association received the prestigious Community/Labor Partner Award at the George Meany and Community/Labor Partner Awards Dinner on Aug. 22. This award is presented annually to organizations that have provided significant contributions to local scouting programs. These organizations, along with their employees, believe in making our community a better place in which to live, […]

Put Your Home To Work This Winter

By NAPSI Here’s an idea many homeowners may warm to: Rent out your place as a vacation home. With vacation rentals becoming a preferred choice for travelers and their families, homeowners can realize the financial benefits of renting their homes when they’re not in use. In fact, a recent report shows that over half of […]

Dave says, Finance column 09.22.19

Dear Dave, Why do I need a will if I’m still young and haven’t acquired a lot of wealth? Laura Dear Laura, In a case like yours, you don’t need a complicated will. But you do need an inexpensive, basic will. The larger and more complicated your estate is, the more you’d spend on estate planning and a […]

How to plan for your retirement

Commentary by Chara If you are in good health, have some financial resources and do not have major expenses to worry about, now is a good time to start planning for your retirement. To plan for your retirement, here are some tips that might help you: *Get on your employer’s 401(k) plan: Many companies have […]

Dave Says 08.15.19

Dear Dave, When it comes to buying life insurance, should the coverage amount be based solely on current earnings? I have good reason to believe my income is going to increase significantly soon. Wesley Dear Wesley, The purpose of life insurance is to take care of your family if something unexpected happens to you. You don’t want […]

Dave says: Finance column 08.01.19

Dear Dave, My husband and I have been married five years, and we’ve decided we want to have children. We’ve both been working full time since our wedding, and we were wondering if we should adjust our emergency fund and retirement investing to accommodate all the upcoming life changes that go along with having a […]

Dave says 07.25.19

Dear Dave, I had about $12,000 in debt when my husband and I got married three years ago. Since that time, we’ve been given cash gifts from my parents from time to time, and we keep having discussions on how to use this kind of money when it is given to us. I’d like to […]