Have the final say to your life – create a will

Commentary by CharaJust because you cannot take your possessions with you when you die does not mean you should not think about what should be done with your stuff after your death.On the contrary, it is important to think about what will happen with your property and other possessions. If you do nothing, either the […]

Juan Jose’s Taqueria brings authentic Mexican food to Shawnee

By Angie Baldelomar A new locally owned taqueria has opened in Shawnee, Kansas.Juan Jose’s Taqueria opened Nov. 20. Located at 13220 W. 62nd Terrace in Shawnee, Kansas, it offers authentic Mexican food.A Mexican native, Fili Mora, operations manager, wears many hats, including chef. Mora oversees creating the dishes that set Juan Jose’s apart from other […]

Financial expert advises on best practices for managing finances during pandemic

By Angie BaldelomarWhen the coronavirus pandemic hit, millions of workers around the world lost their jobs, ultimately triggering a recession that has led to many more people struggling financially.The start of a new year means that many workers are hopeful for better days. Many are making resolutions to manage their finances more wisely during the […]

Many phone apps can help you save money

Commentary by Tere Siqueira If one of your top new year’s resolutions is to get your finances in order, there are many ways technology can help you. Many apps are designed to allow you to monitor and save your money. And this year, there are more money-saving mobile apps than ever before. Some of the […]

Dave says, Finance column 01.09.20

Dear Dave, My wife and I have our budget ready for next month, and we’ll be following your plan in 2020 to pay off debt and get our finances in order. Do you have any tips for setting and sticking to goals in general? Rick Dear Rick, That’s a fantastic goal. Living on a monthly […]

House passes Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Por Chara On Dec. 11, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, a bill designed to grant legal status to undocumented farm workers in the United States, multiple media outlets reported. Receiving bipartisan support, the bill passed 260-165. It has moved from the House to the Senate, where it […]

Café Corazon opens in Westport

By Roberta Pardo Café Corazon is the newest coffee shop in Kansas City, Missouri’s Westport area trying to spread Hispanic culture — specifically, South American culture. Miel Castagna-Herrera, owner of Café Corazon, realized there was no coffee shop that served mate, a traditional beverage from southern South America. Castagna-Herrera, whose Argentinian father had taught her […]

Dave says, Finance column 10.31.19

Dear Dave, Is it okay to give very young children an allowance? Christie Dear Christie, Teaching kids there’s an emotional connection between work and money is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Once your kids are old enough to do a few simple chores around the house, they’re old enough […]

Dave says: Finance Column 10.24.19

Dear Dave, What’s the best way to talk to a parent, and tell them their career or financial choices aren’t working out? My mom and dad divorced a few years ago, and now my mom is having money problems. She bought some rental properties after the divorce with the idea becoming a landlord and generating […]

Mattel releases new gender-neutral toys

By Roberta Pardo Mattel is releasing dolls that let kids form the gender expression of the toy themselves. The doll is fully gender-neutral, allowing kids to accessorize it to be a boy, a girl, neither or both. Mattel has released six versions of the doll with different skin tones, hairstyles and clothes through its new […]