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CDC shares public pool safety tips

By Katherine Diaz Most people will spend some time this summer cooling off at the pool. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautions that individuals should be healthy when visiting a public pool to ensure the safety of others. Specifically, the CDC warns that anyone with diarrhea shouldn’t swim because of possible contamination of the water. …

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Dr Myriam Ensling: The effects of Diabetes

Effects of high sugar (glucose) in the Nervous System: Brain and Eyes: Patients who are diabetics and have been uncontrolled or untreated for long time before they present to the doctor’s office for treatment, might develop symptoms of having a low blood glucose even when their blood glucose level is high or normal. Symptoms include dizziness, palpitations, cold sweats, fainting, …

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Parents, be warned: There’s another YouTube “challenge”

Commentary by Eulogio JP Unfortunately, a few times each year, parents must be warned of a new danger their kids might face. This is one of those times. Occasionally, word spreads of a new YouTube challenge. Sometimes, the challenges are fun, innocent and provide good family entertainment. But other times, they’re dangerous and barbaric.      The newest challenge young people …

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Dra. Nancy Álarez: Men, those emotional illiterates

A friend was upset with me because I publicly stated that men are emotionally illiterate. He swore that he was not like that and asked me to be more considerate of Adam’s children. I replied that this is precisely why I had a continuous campaign in the media in order to help men to make the passion last forever in …

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WHO adds gaming disorder to classification of diseases

By Chara The World Health Organization (WHO) has added a new disorder to its “International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems”: gaming disorder, a condition related to playing videogames. An article published by CNN online states that people with gaming disorder possess symptoms that are like those of substance use disorders and gambling disorder. Symptoms include behavior related …

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Teens and the dangers of drugs

Commentary by Chara You might think 21st-century kids are savvy enough to avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse without any help from their parents or guardians. Not so. The number of teens who use drugs in the United States has increased over the past decade. According to Newport Academy, an organization that helps treat teens for drug abuse and other …

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Maintain your independence this independence day.

Drive sober or get pulled over Kansas City, Missouri—Each year on July 4th, Americans celebrate the birth and freedoms of this country. Before you head out for your celebrations, make sure you plan for a sober way home. Law enforcement in Kansas City is taking part in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign during the Fourth of July …

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U.S. suicide rates on the rise, CDC reports

By Chara Suicide rates are increasing in the United States. Of the leading causes of death in the United States, suicide is ranked 10th, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2016, around 45,000 Americans died because of suicide. “These findings are disturbing,” Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC principal deputy director, said in a …

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Dra. Nancy Álarez: Six tips to control premature ejaculation

If you get “to the top” ahead of time, keep reading. You will find six tips to control premature ejaculation. If you can not control your ejaculation and it almost always surprises you, you are a premature ejaculator. This has serious consequences for the man because the woman needs much more time to have an orgasm. The case of man …

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Dr. Myriam Ensling: Unintended malnutrition Guard 5

In my practice, I see many patients who try to lose weight yet they malnourish themselves or they continue to have all complications of obesity despite the fact that they are able to reach normal or low weight with diet and exercise. Excess of carbohydrates, diets based on processed foods, vegan diets with lack of animal proteins and vitamins are …

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