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Tips on how to read and interpret food labels: Part 4

Sodium: or salt, which is the component that gives the salty taste of our food and is commonly used as a preservative in most packaged foods. Excess in sodium can increase blood pressure and cause swelling. Excess in sodium is not recommended especially for people with congestive heart failure or kidney disease. We should not consume more than 2,000 mg …

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De Adicto a ADICTO: De tal palo, tal astilla

Consecuencias del Alcoholismo Esta enfermedad es crónica y mortal, se caracteriza por la pérdida de control y la incapacidad para abstenerse de beber. Aquella persona que desarrolla la dependencia al alcohol ve progresivamente afectadas todas las áreas de su vida. El deterioro físico es grave y su vida social y familiar se ven afectadas seriamente. A lo largo del tiempo …

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Hormonal contraceptives linked to breast cancer, study shows

Women might want to think twice before using hormonal contraception, particularly oral contraception. A recent study from the University of Copenhagen found that hormonal contraception increases the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 38 percent. The study analyzed data of 1,797,932 women younger than 50 years old. Of the women studied, 60 percent used some type of hormonal …

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How to live healthier in 2018

Commentary by Yanis De Palma If you’re like most people, you’ve made New Year’s resolutions. And some of them are probably health-related. To welcome in 2018, here are some tips for living a healthier life as you pursue your health-oriented resolutions: *Improve your sleeping habits: Most people state that they suffer from sleep problems. Try to get between seven and …

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De Adicto a ADICTO: Bola de Nieve

A oídos necios, palabras directas Se que muchos de mis artículos que se publican semana a semana en periódicos impresos y digitales, hispanos de Canadá y USA, así como muchos más en ciudades importantes de América Latina y de la República Mexicana, algunas esposas recortan mi columna y se la dan a leer al esposo enfermo y es motivo de …

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Cold weather and the human body

Commentary by Chara Wintertime has arrived in the Kansas City area. That’s evident by the recent wave of cold weather, including snowfall over the Christmas weekend (Dec. 22-25). So it’s advisable to prepare yourself to deal with the cold weather you’ll likely experience over the next few months. One way to prepare yourself is by understanding how cold weather affects …

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Tips on how to read and interpret food labels: Part 3

Cholesterol: Describes the amount of cholesterol that each portion has. Cholesterol is the one that builds the membranes of the cells of our body, especially the nervous system. The total amount of cholesterol that can be consumed in a day should not be above 300 mg. This is controversial because dietary cholesterol contains the production of cholesterol from the blood, …

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How to protect yourself during cold and flu season

Commentary by Tere Siqueira It’s cold and flu season again. If you’re wanting to protect yourself when colds and the flu are the most prevalent (typically between December and March), here are some tips to try this winter: *Take vitamins: Cod liver oil is a natural source of vitamin D and can counteract the weather conditions that are conducive to …

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Dr. Myriam Ensling :Tips on how to read and interpret food labels 2

Total fat: describes the total amount of fat in each portion. There are 3 main types of fat: saturated fats, trans fats, unsaturated fats -which include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats- and cholesterol. Saturated fats are unfairly demonized as the causes of elevating cholesterol levels in blood. In fact, sometimes saturated fats and cholesterol are considered the same, even tough they …

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How to have a stress-free holiday

Commentary by Carey Juez-Perez With buying gifts, attending parties, cooking food, decorating your house, entertaining your kids at home and hosting parties, the joyous festivities of the holiday season can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to keep the holidays stress-free: *Plan ahead: Shopping on Christmas Eve and baking desserts the morning of the big family meal are …

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