How to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season

Commentary by Chara Holiday season has arrived. Chances are, that means you will be invited to lots of parties that offer lots of food. That also means you should start watching what you eat and do. Unfortunately, the holiday season also is the time of year when many people want to avoid exercising at all […]

Hablando con la abogada Jessica Piedra: Prepare to Vote in 2020!

Wow! We saw record numbers of voters this election! Did you participate? Would you like to vote in the 2020 election for President and Congress? Consider applying for citizenship now to prepare! Nationally, immigrants who have become naturalized citizens have made up around 9% of the voting population. In Missouri, that number was 2.2% in […]

Ana Bárbara & Christian Nodal, regresan solos

La reina grupera Ana Bárbara regresa con “Solos” en donde comparte créditos con Christian Nodal. La Reina Grupera compuso esta canción a principios de este año junto al joven cantante quien se ha colocado como una de las promesas más grandes del género y que ahora reúne dos generaciones importantes de intérpretes. Con esta rola, […]