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Understanding the internet: Activist shares insights about sexting

Sometimes, it can be difficult for teens and their parents to understand when it is safe for teens to use technology. To help address this concern, Dos Mundos is launching a series to help parents understand how their children are using technology and whether they are spending their time online responsibly or not. The series […]

El jorobado de Notre Dame, regresará alos cines en versión real

Ahora Disney anuncia la producción de otra de sus grandes obras animadas. Se trata nada más y nada menos que de “El jorobado de Notre Dame”, el clásico animado basado en la famosa novela del autor Víctor Hugo “Nuestra señora de París” del año 1831, el cual llegó a las pantallas en una versión animada […]

Lady Gaga, prepara colaboración con Katy Perry

Este año apenas está comenzando y ya se ve que estará muy bien en cuestión de música. Lady Gaga y Katy Perry confirmaron que estan preparando una colaboración. Fue el violinista neerlandés, Jaap van Zweden, quien confirmó que las Divas Pop estarían trabajando en un dueto en donde él estaría involucrado “Pronto iré a Las […]

Anne Hathaway, confirmada para ‘The Witches’

La espera terminó y después de varios rumores finalmente se confirmó que Warner Bros. Pictures se encuentra trabajando en el remake de ‘The Witches’, icónico filme de terror que fuera protagonizado por la primera actriz Anjelica Houston en los noventas. La sorpresa fue doble cuando se anunció que sería Anne Hathaway la protagonista de esta […]

Candidates that changed politics

Analysis by Tere Siqueira Without question, America’s political landscape was altered by the 2018 midterm elections. Following those elections, there is a greater sense of diversity among those elected officials who serve at the federal, state, county and local levels. Here are some of the candidates who changed politics in 2018 – and might affect […]

What to look for in a college

Commentary by Yanis De Palma If you are considering going to college, you should be thoughtful about what kind of experience you want for the next four years of your life. There are many factors you should consider when choosing a college, including the following: *Academics: Education is the key factor in your college search, […]

How to reduce depression by limiting social media usage

Commentary by Tere Siqueira After many observational and correlational scientific studies, a causal link between social media and depression has been established. A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania found that, when people use social media less often, they are less depressed and lonely. Although the authors state there is not enough research to […]

Number of federal workers applying for unemployment aid doubles

By Angie Baldelomar As the longest partial government shutdown continues (in its fourth week, at press time), many people affected by it struggle with the hardships. During the first two weeks of the shutdown, the number of furloughed federal workers seeking unemployment benefits jumped, topping 10,000 during the week of Jan. 5. The Department of […]

College offers many benefits

Commentary by Tere Siqueira College is expensive. But the benefits of a higher education outweigh the costs. Some of those benefits include the following: *Better financial earnings: On average, college graduates earn 56 percent more than high school graduates. And compared to earlier generations, millennials with college degrees have lower unemployment and poverty rates. Data […]

Help Pets Ward Off Winter Risks -Part1

Photo courtesy of Getty Images (Family Features) When temperatures drop, humans know to bundle up and avoid excess time outdoors. The same approach should be taken when it comes to pets. They may be covered by cozy fur coats, but not all of those coats are created equally. “Hypothermia is a real danger for pets […]