Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

María Marín : Es hora de “tirar la toalla”

Recientemente presenté una conferencia titulada: “!No te rindas!”. Como motivadora, uno de mis principales propósitos es alentar a otros a perseguir sus sueños y nunca rendirse hasta alcanzarlos. Al finalizar la charla, una participante se acercó y me dijo: “Llevo doce años casada con un alcohólico y he tratado por todos lo medios de ayudarlo, […]

Explore alternatives to childcare

Commentary by Chara Families in America spend lots of money on childcare. More than 10 percent of their income, in fact. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the average cost of infant care each year is $11,201 in Kansas and $8,632 in Missouri. Thus, parents should be aware of the multiple childcare alternatives they have. […]

Dave says 03.28.19

Dear Dave, I’m getting married this summer and about to become a stepfather, but my fiancé’s daughter from a previous marriage seems very irresponsible. She’s 20 and lives at home, has trouble holding a job, and she doesn’t really want to work. When she doesn’t have money to make her car payment, she seems to […]