First-time mom shares struggles of motherhood

By Roberta Pardo Being a new mother is a challenge, as Vanessa Celik will attest. Celik, a Kansas City area resident, became a mom seven months ago. When her son Bruce was born in January, her life changed completely. “Before, we were just two, … and now we have a little person to take care […]

Miley Cyrus y Liam Hemsworth, confirman su divorcio

Hace menos de un año se compartieron en redes unas fotografías de Miley Cyrus y Liam Hemsworth muy contentos, uniendo su vida en matrimonio en una pequeña ceremonia que se llevó a cabo en la casa de los famosos, y a donde sólo acudieron ciertos integrantes de la familia. Según una fuente cercana a la […]

Jehovah’s Witness leaders sued in New York over alleged child sex abuse

By Roberta Pardo Two former Jehovah’s Witnesses are filing lawsuits against leaders of the religious denomination in New York, alleging a history of sexual abuse. Heather Steele and John Michael Ewing, now in their late 40s, claimed they were abused as children, but filed their suits Wednesday (Aug. 14), when New York’s new Child Victim […]

Trump announces a rule targeting legal immigrants

By Roberta Pardo The Trump administration released a regulation Monday (Aug. 12) that could make it easier to reject green card and visa applications, thus reducing the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the United States. Under the rule, many green card and visa applicants could be rejected if they have […]