Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Food: ’Tis the Holiday Baking Season

By Family FeaturesOne of the best parts of the holidays is the aromas and flavors of the season, from walnuts and cinnamon to peppermint and nutmeg. Sweet treats and mouthwatering desserts can bring family and friends around the table to celebrate the season together, one bite at a time.During your festive gatherings this year, choose […]

Soto professes experiencing Our Lady of Guadalupe miracle

By Chara Wyandotte County, Kansas, resident Patricia Soto claims to have experienced a miracle from Our Lady of Guadalupe.Soto, who has worshiped Our Lady of Guadalupe since childhood, said the miracle took place after her marriage at age 35.“I had a miscarriage, and after that, I had a lot of difficulties trying to get pregnant,” […]

María Marín: ¿Dónde viven los infieles?

¿Dónde viven los más infieles en Estados Unidos? Según investigadores de la Universidad de Minnesota, la ciudad de Miami encabeza la lista de las 20 localidades con más engaños amorosos en el país, seguida por Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta y Cincinnati. Algo que no me sorprende, pues si le preguntas a cualquier mujer en Miami, […]