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Life after graduation offers many worthwhile options

Commentary by Chara As this issue of Dos Mundos goes to press, high school graduates in Kansas and Missouri are completing a major milestone in their lives: They’re finishing high school.Many students are probably wondering what they’ll do once they graduate. Understandably, making a big decision like that can be overwhelming. But it needn’t be.Fortunately, […]

Eight dead from Texas mall shooting

By Roberta Pardo Barely a week since a man shot five people in Cleveland, Texas, another mass shooting is making headlines.On May 6, a gunman “stepped out of a silver sedan and started shooting people” at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, killing eight and injuring seven others, as reported by the Associated Press and […]

Honoring Mother’s Day When Mom Has Alzheimer’s

Celebrating Mother’s Day, like other holidays, can be bittersweet and challenging when mom is living with Alzheimer’s. Mother’s Day, however, can remain a meaningful and enjoyable occasion for families facing Alzheimer’s and other dementia. To help these families with Mother’s Day celebrations, the Alzheimer’s Association offers these tips:*Take a person-centered approach. Focus on what is […]