Area boxer pursues dream as pro debut approaches

Boxeador del área persigue su sueño Desde que comenzó a boxear a los 11 años, Jorge Alejandro Carlos, residente del área de Kansas City, sabía que era un deporte al que quería dedicarse profesionalmente.El graduado de Olathe (Kansas) Northwest High School tiene la oportunidad de perseguir ese sueño.Carlos, dueño de un negocio de pintura, se […]

How to elminate and prevent home mold

Commentary by Tere Siqueiracc Mold growth is a part of nature.It also is something that should be avoided or eliminated in your home.As the Environmental Protection Agency notes on its website, indoor mold can produce allergies and cause eye, nose, throat, skin and lung irritation, and can even cause asthma attacks.The following tips will guide […]

Cinco de Mayo

La fiesta de el Cinco de Mayo El Cinco de Mayo se ha convertido en una fiesta popular para la gente en los Estados Unidos. Aquí hay algunos datos que quizás no conozca sobre este feriado anual que se celebra el 5 de mayo:*Origen: Contrariamente a la creencia popular, el Cinco de Mayo no es […]

Beware: 8 Red-Hot Frauds: Part 1

n their never-ending pursuit of your money and identity, criminals are constantly coming up with new cons. Here’s a closer look at eight relatively new types of scams that are becoming more common, along with expert advice on avoiding them. Check out the list of today’s hottest emerging frauds. Google Voice ScamLet’s say you’ve posted […]

Solar energy offers many benefits

Commentary by Chara If you want to save money while staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, consider using solar energy in your home.Solar energy panels offer many benefits, including the following: *Lower energy bills: The sun can power your home. On sunny days and during the warm season, you will produce […]

Editorial: Sovereignty & peace for Ukraine

Seven weeks ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine. Despite deploying some 200,000 heavily armed troops and mercenaries, Russia has destroyed cities and civilians, but the world’s largest country has failed so far to take the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and overthrow the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. And as of Monday, Ukrainian forces were reclaiming […]