Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Volume 35 Issue 39

In this issue: Earthquake hits Chile Pope begins US visit Getting ready for flu season

Volume 35 Issue 53

In this issue: The most important of 2015 Sales increasing for “Smart Pill” Facebook posts 2015’s most popular topics    

Volume 35 Issue 52

In this issue: Smart money moves for 2016 5G expected to be latest revolutionary smartphone Taming a temper tantrum

Volume 35 Issue 51

In this issue: Republican presidential debate No. 5: The biggest winner and loser KC Winter fun: a few options Police officer shares holiday crime prevention tips

Volume 35 Issue 50

In this issue: ‘We will destroy ISIS’ Flying backpacks could become latest trend Venezuela: The beginning of the end

Volume 35 Issue 42

In this issue: Domestic violence campaign KCMO firemen killed No-cellphone experiment at work

Volume 35 Issue 43

In this issue: Immigrants treated inhumanely in US detention centers FBI rescues 149 sexually exploited children KC latino artist supporting emerging Latino artists

Volume 35 Issue 44

In this issue: Royals win world series Ouija boards being sold to kids Community members recieve Pinnacle Award including Clara Reyes

Volume 35 Issue 45

In this issue: Royals fan celebrate World Series HIV increasing among Latino youth Rebecca Segovia 30 years of military service

Volume 35 Issue 47

In this issue: Terrorist attacks, earthquakes – all on the same day Deportations decreasing Chilean writer in KC