Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Volume 35 Issue 49

In this issue: U.S Issues travel alert Gutierrez provides end of the year advice for managing personal finances Bullying: Talking about the Silent Epidemic    

Volume 35 Issue 48

In this issue: France attacks ISIS HEDC celebrates 22nd anniversary The  Hunger Games  

Volume 35 Issue 46

In This Issue First KC Street Car Irregularities at the Vatican MU back to playing football after shakeup  

Volume 35 Issue 41

IN THIS ISSUE Alta Vista hosts Prince Royce Oregon’s Umpqua College shooting Community celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Volume 35 Issue 38

In this issue: US will admit Syrian refugees Mexicans demand President Pena Nieto resigns American’s celebrate Hispanics’

Volume 35 Issue 37

In this issue: Syria in crisis Mexico 205 years of independence Deputies kill Hispanic man    

Volume 35 Issue 36

In this issue: Clara Reyes wins Pinnacle Award Venezuela deports Columbians Dr. Palmeri celebrates 35 years Jorge Ramos gets public support

Volume 35 Issue 35

In this issue: Trump boots Ramos from press conference Undocumented deaths Financially ready to become a parent

Volume 35 Issue 34

In this issue: Consumption of K2 Successful local bands Latina saves toddler left in vehicle

Volume 35 Issue 32

In This Issue Clinton vs Trump Activists petition Vaz Back to school tax breaks