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Respiratory Illness Affecting Dogs in the United States

By Chara In recent months, several states have reported that several dogs are being affected by an unidentified respiratory illness. The cases reported include states like Indiana, Oregon, Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington.The reported cases have manifested as chronic mild to moderate tracheobronchitis, persistent pneumonia resistant to different antibiotic treatments, and […]

Extreme Weather Creating Urgency for Outdoor Pets  

Pet Resource Center of Kansas City (PRCKC) staff are on the streets trying to help pets facing potentially deadly single-digit temps.   Kansas City, MO: Weather extremes in Kansas City over the next week can be deadly for pets left outside, especially for those without any type of shelter. “In weather this cold our immediate concern would be […]

Cómo cuidar las mascotas en invierno

Los seres humanos no somos los únicos que sufren durante los duros meses de invierno. De hecho, nuestros amigos animales – animales domésticos – son tan vulnerables al frío como nosotros. Aquí hay algunos consejos que cada dueño debe saber para tomar el cuidado adecuado de sus mascotas durante el invierno: * Según PetMD.com, los […]