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An editorial statement

We at Dos Mundos understand the editorial in our Jan. 3 issue (“Not worth a child’s life”) angered many people. We never intended for it to sound as negative as it seemed to some readers or to portray any kind of victim-blaming rhetoric. We apologize. Editorials are meant to shed light on issues to get people to discuss them – …

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Gun violence

El martes en Houston, familiares y amigos enterraron a Jazmine Barnes. La niña de siete años, a quien le encantaba bailar y cantar y quería ser maestra, recibió un disparo mortal el 30 de diciembre cuando iba con su madre y sus hermanas de compras. Arkests Grant no regresó a la escuela el 8 de enero cuando las clases se …

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As the New Year approaches

Since 46 B.C. when the emperor Julius Caesar instituted the Julian calendar, most of the world has recognized the first day of January as the first day of the year. The month was named for Janus, the two-headed Roman god of beginnings and doorways, appropriately, as Janus’s two faces enabled him to look to the future and examine the past …

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Helping California fire victims

Home is among the abiding themes of Christmas music playlists. Holiday decorations, from simple to elaborate are appearing in grand and humble homes and everything in-between in communities across the nation. Residents are readying the setting because home is at the heart of holiday celebrations. Because of historic wildfires in California this year that destroyed upwards of 15,223 homes, thousands …

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Editorial : Farewell to a patriot & president

Former U.S. Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush passed away Nov. 30, less than seven months after burying his beloved wife, Barbara. The one-term 41st president is remembered for many things. One of the most poignant is the 77-year love story between him and Barbara — the longest-married presidential couple in U.S. history. People worldwide and Americans are paying their respects …

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Central American exodus: prospects bleak

The plight of thousands of Central Americans slogging north from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras through Mexico to the United States is pitiable. They’re determined to leave behind the poverty, violence and political unrest roiling their native countries. Women, children and men in the caravan amassing along the U.S.-Mexico border are desperately pursuing eventual asylum here in the U.S. The …

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Giving due thanks for service

We’ve got a whole lot of people, strangers most of them and a few long gone to thank for their part in bringing our individual Thanksgiving feasts into being. Not to be overlooked for distant past, there’s President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1906, he passed food safety laws so that our holiday repasts 112 years later are most likely to be …

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This historic Veterans Day: peace

Sunday is Veterans Day, dedicated to honoring the service of American military veterans of all wars. It’s also the centennial commemoration of Armistice Day, marking the date hostilities officially ended between the Allies and Germany. At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918, an agreement the Allies had signed with Germany went into effect. The next year, then-President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed …

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Making happy Halloween memories

We’re increasingly conscious of the dangers our children face in their daily life; news headlines and research data regularly remind us. But celebrations like Halloween, “the spookiest night of the year” designed to thrill and scare heighten our security awareness for our kids. To keep costumed kids safe on the haunt for treats, communities nowadays organize safe trick-or-treat and options. …

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Nov. 6 to decide who’ll rule

Kansans who are eligible to vote in the Nov. 6 election have until Tuesday to register. Oct. 16 is the registration deadline for the midterm elections. It’s too late for Missourians who haven’t registered. Yesterday was their deadline. Advance voting in Kansas starts Oct. 22 and runs through 12 p.m. Nov. 5. Missouri voters who anticipate being unable to make …

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