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Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence

It’s March, the month dedicated to examining women’s contributions and accomplishments. Each year, the National Women’s History Alliance selects a theme for National Women’s History Month to guide our reflections on women’s contributions and expand our knowledge of parts of American history traditionally overlooked. This year’s theme is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence.” It honors women who have …

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Measles vaccine: lifesaving prevention

The latest outbreaks of measles worldwide have now spread to Missouri. State officials announced March 11 that the Jefferson County Health Department in eastern Missouri is caring for a patient with measles and is working to identify others who could be at risk. Nationwide, at least 228 cases have been identified in 12 states this year, the Centers for Disease …

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Hispanic representation in TV ads

Last month, a well-known area advocate wrote a standout “Letter to the Editor” on the condemnable absence of Latinos in television advertising. In his powerful missive published Feb. 18, Ascension Hernandez urged readers to “take action for change.” It’s a consequential and timely issue. For years, people of conscience have advocated for elected bodies to look more like the constituents …

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Persecuting children at our border

Unaccompanied migrant children and minors separated from their parents by U.S. officials at the border present a host of complex problems that defy rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s a crisis that seemingly intensifies and escalates almost daily. On Tuesday, shocking news broke that 4,556 children reported being sexually assaulted while in the care of the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Office …

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Pre-K education builds sound foundation

In late January, Missouri received a $6.5 million early childhood education grant, and Gov. Parsons proposed extra funding for early childhood development efforts statewide. Across the state line in Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly created an advisory group to study how to improve education in Kansas, and proposed boosting education spending in the state by more than $90 million. A priority …

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Valentine’s Day & loving our neighbors

The polar vortex brought us colder-than-usual temperatures recently. The frigid weather creates problems, especially for seniors, people with underlying medical conditions and the very young even if they aren’t venturing out. In spite of staying indoors, the folks in these groups are still at risk. It can be tougher for them to regulate their body temperature, making them more susceptible …

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Foreign aid & Central American migration

More than 8,000 migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are in Mexico now waiting for the opportunity to apply for asylum in the United States. They sought to escape the crushing poverty, violence and political and economic instability pervasive at home. President Trump berated the trio of Central American countries for not preventing the exodus. He threatened to reduce …

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Future defined by quality of education

Thousands of K-12 students in California are out of school this week though some of their schools are open. Their teachers, who have been working without a contract for more than a year, are on strike. On Monday, 31,000 teachers walked off the job in Los Angeles Unified School District’s 900 schools after negotiations with district officials broke off without …

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An editorial statement

We at Dos Mundos understand the editorial in our Jan. 3 issue (“Not worth a child’s life”) angered many people. We never intended for it to sound as negative as it seemed to some readers or to portray any kind of victim-blaming rhetoric. We apologize. Editorials are meant to shed light on issues to get people to discuss them – …

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Gun violence

El martes en Houston, familiares y amigos enterraron a Jazmine Barnes. La niña de siete años, a quien le encantaba bailar y cantar y quería ser maestra, recibió un disparo mortal el 30 de diciembre cuando iba con su madre y sus hermanas de compras. Arkests Grant no regresó a la escuela el 8 de enero cuando las clases se …

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