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Resultados de las elecciones primarias de KCMO


Con más del 84% de los votos de las elecciones primarias del martes (7 de abril), el alcalde de Kansas City, Mo., Sly James, avanzará a las elecciones del 23 de junio para enfrentarse al retador Vincent Lee.

Los candidatos titulares Scott Wagner del 1er. Distrito ampliado y Jermaine Reed del 3er. Distrito, también ganaron fácilmente.

Scott Taylor, candidato del 6º. Distrito ampliado, está corriendo sin oposición para su segundo período.

Dan Fowler, candidato del 2º. Distrito, se quedó con 78% de los votos, pero se espera que ocupe el escaño debido al retiro reciente de su oponente.

El titular Jim Glover, candidato del 4º. Distrito ampliado, ganó con un margen más apretado a su oponente Katheryn Shields, 42.08% contra 42.43% de ella. Ambos avanzan en la competencia de cuatro personas.

Las elecciones generales de junio también presentarán las siguientes contiendas:

1º.  Distrito: Heather Hall, quien tuvo 31% de los votos primarias, vs. el titular Dick Davis quien obtuvo 29% de los votos.

2º. Distrito ampliado: El reemplazo de Ed Ford será entre Teresa Loar (70% votos) y Jay Hodges (29%).

3º. Distrito ampliado: Quinton Lucas, quien obtuvo 51% de los votos, se enfrentará a Stephan Gordon (11%).

4º. Distrito: Jolie Justus ganó (74%) y enfrentará a John Fierro (26%).

5º. Distrito: Alissa Canady (38%) vs. Ken Bacchus (37%).

5º. Distrito ampliado: Lee Barnes (73%) vs. Dennis Anthony (22%).

6º. Distrito: Kevin McManus (70%) se enfrentará a Terrence Nash (17%).

De los 200,771 electores registrados, 12% (24,107) emitieron su voto.


KCMO primary results

By Jesus Lopez-Gomez

With more than 80 percent of the primary vote on Tuesday (April 7), Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Sly James will advance to face challenger Vincent Lee in the city’s June 23 elections.

Incumbent candidates Scott Wagner, 1st District at large; and Jermaine Reed, 3rd District, also won handily. 

Scott Taylor, 6th District at-large candidate, is running unopposed for his second term.

Dan Fowler, 2nd District candidate, took 78 percent of the vote, but is expected to take the seat because of his opponent’s recent withdrawal.

Incumbent Jim Glover, 4th District at-large candidate, won his race against Katheryn Shields under much tighter margins – 42.08 percent to her 42.43 percent. Both advance from the four-person race.

The June elections also will feature the following races:

*1st District: It’ll be Heather Hall, who carried 31 percent of the primary vote, vs. incumbent Dick Davis, who received 29 percent of the vote.

*2nd District at-large: Ed Ford’s replacement will either be Teresa Loar, who took 70 percent of the vote; or Jay Hodges, who took 29 percent.

*3rd District at large: Quinton Lucas, who took 51 percent of the vote, will face Stephan Gordon, who received 11 percent.

*4th District: Jolie Justus, who won 74 percent of the vote, will face John Fierro, who received 26 percent.

*5th District: Alissa Canady, who took 38 percent of the vote, will face Ken Bacchus, who took 37 percent.

*5th District at large: It’ll be Lee Barnes, who took 73 percent of the vote, vs. Dennis Anthony, who took 22 percent.

*6th District: It’ll be Kevin McManus, who took 70 percent of the vote, vs. Terrence Nash, who received 17 percent.

Of Kansas City, Mo.’s 200,771 registered voters, only 12 percent, 24,107, cast ballots.


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