Justice League, otro exito de DC

Las salas de todo el mundo recibieron el viernes 17 de noviembre uno de los que se espera sera uno de loa mayores éxitos cinematográficos del 2017, Justice League. El universo de DC Cómics vuelve a adueñarse de la gran pantalla con este equipo estelar de superhéroes encabezado por estrellas de carne y hueso como […]

Susana González será María Félix

Susana González podría ser la protagonista de la nueva serie que Televisa prepara sobre María Félix. La actriz todavía cuenta con su exclusividad en dicha emisora y ya se habría reunido con la productora Carmen Armendáriz para hablar sobre el proyecto. De acuerdo con el diario Basta!, González no está confirmada, pero su nombre suena […]

Headline: Whos Really Bullying Mexico?

Let’s start with the dreadful part. Since Enrique Peña Nieto became president, there have been 91,284 homicides in Mexico. This figure comes from official intentional-homicide statistics, spanning the period from Dec. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2017. (You can fact-check the numbers here, lest you suspect that this is all fake news: bit.ly/1KTkyif). The Peña […]

Senate tax bill includes provision to end health insurance-or-fine requirement

Provision meeting with resistance By Chara Senate Republicans have introduced a tax bill that includes a provision to end a requirement of the Affordable Care Act. Under the Affordable Care Act – a.k.a., “Obamacare” – Americans who don’t have a health insurance plan each year must pay a fine. According to news reports from The […]

How to choose your retirement account

By Chara A retirement account is something you should consider opening. A retirement account not only allows you to live comfortably after you’ve stopped working; it benefits your family, too. To help you choose the right retirement account for you, consider the following: *Opening a 401(k) or a Roth 401(k): The 401(k) allows you to […]

Trump’s successful trip through Asia

Commentary by Dermidio Juez-Perez President Trump’s five-nation trip throughout the Asia Pacific region, which concluded on Nov. 14, was intended mainly to accomplish two important objectives for the United States. First, it was designed to improve U.S. relations with America’s Asian allies. Secondly, it was intended to curb North Korea’s growing nuclear threat. The White […]

Hablando con la abogada: Have DACA? Marriage might be a better option

By Jessica Piedra As the countdown continues towards the end of DACA, it is a good time to look at all of your options. We are pushing the DREAM Act to provide a path to citizenship for DACA youth. But, even if it passed today, it could take over a decade to become a US […]