Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Wonderful World: Discover Salt Lake City

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition, we will talk about Salt Lake City the capital of the state of Utah, one of the most important places to practice snow skiing. The colonists who founded the city were the Mormons in 1847, the city has around 200 thousand residents while its metropolitan area with […]

The shutdown is hurting immigrants, too

Commentary by Eulogio JP The latest federal government shutdown is the longest federal shutdown in American history. And unsurprisingly, its consequences are being felt throughout the country by millions of Americans, including immigrants. A coworker, whose husband works for the federal government and is at home without pay, recently shared with me that she is […]

El partido entre Chiefs y Patriots podría jugarse en un ambiente gélido

El Juego por el Campeonato de la AFC en el Arrowhead Stadium podría jugarse en temperaturas gélidas. El servicio nacional de meteorología está proyectando una ráfaga de frío en la región de Kansas City para el partido entre los Chiefs y New England Patriots. El partido entre los Kansas City Chiefs y New England Patriots […]

La juventud desafía a la experiencia en las Finales de Conferencia

MÉXICO — Las Finales de Conferencia de la NFL no sólo tienen a las cuatro mejores ofensivas en puntos anotados de la temporada regular, sino que también quedarán marcados en la historia de los playoffs. En la Conferencia Nacional, Los Angeles Rams visitarán a los New Orleans Saints en el Mercedes-Benz Superdome, mientras los Kansas […]

Kelly sworn in as Kansas governor

By Angie Baldelomar Laura Kelly was sworn in as the 48th governor of Kansas on Monday (Jan. 14), placing the governor’s office back in the hands of Democrats. Kelly and Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers both took the oath of office on the south steps of the Kansas Capitol, with hundreds watching amid freezing temperatures. Three […]

Mexico faces gasoline crisis

By Tere Siqueira For two weeks, Mexico has suffered from gasoline shortages. As multiple news agencies reported, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently ordered fuel pipeline flows to be cut off as an attempt to stop fuel thefts in Mexico. According to many media outlets, an investigation revealed an estimated 65,000 barrels of fuel […]