Paulina Rubio, Enfrenta nueva demanda

De acuerdo al programa de espectáculos, la “Chica Dorada” es señalada por el empresario David Alvarado por deberle una fuerte suma de dinero tras brindar su servicio de representación artística.Por tal motivo, en la misma corte se encuentra una demanda civil que indica que Alvarado manifiesta que a través de un acuerdo verbal realizado en […]

Have the final say to your life – create a will

Commentary by CharaJust because you cannot take your possessions with you when you die does not mean you should not think about what should be done with your stuff after your death.On the contrary, it is important to think about what will happen with your property and other possessions. If you do nothing, either the […]

JoCo officials apologize after seniors wait in long lines, cold for COVID-19 shots

By Roberta PardoJohnson County, Kansas, health officials apologized after dozens of senior citizens had to wait in January weather in long lines to get the COVID-19 vaccine.“I apologize on behalf of the county staff,” county manager Penny Postoak Ferguson said Tuesday (Jan. 26) during a Facebook Live presentation. “We care for the comfort and the […]