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The inhumane treatment of migrants, a danger at the border

Healthcare providers struggle to meet migrant needs at the U.S.-Mexico border By Tere SiqueiraThe journey of migrants at the southern border of the United States has reached a critical and alarming point. Amidst scorching heat, inhumane policies, and life-threatening obstacles, the tragic stories unfolding at the border are a stark reminder of the harsh reality […]

DINKC invites community to new art studio

By Tere SiqueiraLaedan Galicia (a.k.a., “DINKC”) wants people to visit him.Specifically, he wants people to visit his new art studio.The facility, DINKC Studios, opened July 21 as a creative hub. Located at 600 Ohio Ave. in Kansas City, Kansas, its seeds were planted in the artist’s fascination with the Day of the Dead, a staple […]