Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Deportes y más deportes… 08.10.23

La Messimanía sigue arrasando en la Leagues CupEl Inter Miami de Lionel Messi avanzó a los cuartos de final de la Leagues Cup tras vencer en penales al FC Dallas en un partidazo que terminó 4-4 en el tiempo reglamentario.El campeón del mundo fue la gran figura del encuentro al marcar dos goles y forzar […]

Mexican reality show becomes cultural phenomenon

By Tere Siqueira In recent months, a Mexico-based reality TV show has become a cultural phenomenon.The show is called “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico” (“The Celebrity House Mexico” in English). Produced by Rosa María Noguerón for TelevisaUnivsion and a Mexican version of the “Celebrity Big Brother” program, it has broken audience records, with peaks […]

Demands for certain jobs expected in coming years, decades

Commentary by Tere Siqueira The landscape of work is undergoing a rapid transformation. Technological evolution, societal shifts and increasing environmental consciousness are redefining the nature of jobs, creating new opportunities and amplifying the demand for particular skills. Some of the areas expected to have job demands include the following: *Health and wellness: Recent global health […]

How to cope with divorce

Commentary by Chara Divorce is a challenging life event that can produce huge waves of emotions and uncertainties.If you’ve gone through or are going through a divorce, the following tips can help you sail through those waves and find calmer waters:*Know that you’re not alone: According to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control […]

Trump indicted, arraigned; ex-president pleads not guilty

By Roberta Pardo Former President Trump was indicted Aug. 1 on felony charges for orchestrating a criminal conspiracy to try to derail the transfer of power after the 2020 election, as reported by multiple media outlets.“The purpose of the conspiracy was to overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election by using knowingly false […]

Number of AGS cases difficult to pinpoint, CDC claims

By Chara The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims it is difficult to determine the number of U.S. cases of alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), an allergic reaction linked to ingesting certain types of meat; exposure to products with alpha-gal, such as gelatin; and lone star tick bites.Between 2010 and 2022, more than 110,000 […]

Jorge Ramos: Un verano cruelJorge Ramos:

ATENAS, GRECIA, La idea era llevar a Carlota, de 13 años, a ver la acrópolis. La majestuosa ciudad alta, con el Partenón y el Templo de Atenea Niké, fue durante siglos el centro de la vida religiosa y política de los griegos. Nada como ver y tocar la historia. Los boletos estaban comprados hace meses […]

Editorial: Debating Kansas HB2350

Immigrant rights advocates, attorneys and community service agencies are troubled by a new law that took effect in Kansas July 1. Since lawmakers passed House Bill 2350 in April, legal experts have worked to correct misinformation circulating about the law and reassure immigrants.The Kansas Hispanic and Latino Affairs Commission and other groups organized educational workshops […]

Clinic offers tips to help kids manage separation or divorce

By Roberta PardoA separation or divorce can be hard for a couple. But when children are involved, parents also find themselves considering how the breakup will affect those children.The Cleveland Clinic has a page dedicated to offering advice on how to help children navigate through divorce. Here are some tips the clinic provides: *Remain engaged […]