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The (Dis)United States of Trump

By Jorge Ramos The United States under President Donald Trump reminds me a lot of a tug of war. This was traditionally a children’s game, but nowadays the term is commonly used to describe a “decisive contest; the real struggle or tussle; a severe contest for supremacy,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. In a tug of war, ties are …

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In Mexico, an Unstoppable Wave

By Jorge Ramos MEXICO CITY – The scene was striking. Manuel López Obrador had just been declared Mexico’s president-elect, and thousands of his supporters flocked to the Zócalo, the city’s main plaza, to celebrate. Wire fences had been erected in and around the square so that fans could watch the World Cup matches on huge screens, but on election night …

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Yes, the Family Separation Policy Is Torture

By Jorge Ramos At this point we are beyond the moral indignation. It is ethically wrong to put children in cages, it doesn’t matter where they come from. But I wonder if the end result would have been the same if there were American kids in cages and chain link fences instead of children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. …

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Voting from Abroad Shouldn’t Be a Leap of Faith

It all began with a tweet. I had just filled out my ballot at home in Miami for the coming Mexican presidential election (voting is a right that all Mexicans have, no matter where they live). But when I put my ballot in its UPS envelope, I noticed that the preprinted label was addressed to an individual, Alejandro Sosa, rather …

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Nicaragua: Time’s Up

By Jorge Ramos There are times when you can’t hesitate to act. Nicaragua is going through one of those times, having arrived at a turning point that could change everything. And at the center of it all is a young man of 20. His story in a moment. Before that, the crime. Recent protests against President Daniel Ortega’s regime in …

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The Pope Was Mistaken

By Jorge Ramos “I was abused when I was in school,” Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean journalist, told me in a recent interview. “There were many others, too. … This priest [Fernando Karadima] had been sexually abusing kids since 1958. He was such a revered man back then. He was described as being almost saintlike. When my father died, I …

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Jorge Ramos: Where Are the Children?

By Jorge Ramos Here are three hard truths: 1. There are 1,475 immigrant children unaccounted for in the United States, and officials have no idea where they are; 2. The Trump administration has separated hundreds of children from their parents after they crossed the border illegally; 3. President Donald Trump is to blame for this cruel policy. He could put …

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We Speak Spanish in America

We Speak Spanish in America MIAMI — The Latin American country closest to the United States is Miami, or so the old joke goes. Indeed, I can go entire days here without speaking English. And while the number of Spanish speakers in this country is steadily increasing, attacks against those who prefer to speak a language other than English are …

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Jorge Ramos: A Strong Mexico to Stand Up to Trump

It was the great betrayal.​ Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto betrayed millions of his countrymen when he didn’t demand that President Donald Trump apologize for likening Mexican immigrants to criminals and rapists when Trump launched his presidential campaign, nor did he dare tell Trump during a humiliating 2016 news conference in Mexico City that Mexico would not pay for a …

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What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be?

By Jorge Ramos Americans must decide which type of country we want to be: A nation hostile toward foreigners, closed to the world and prejudiced against minorities — as President Donald Trump’s actions and words would have us become — or a generous, open and inclusive one, as this nation has been for more than two centuries. The decision should …

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