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Feed does not exists. It was deleted a long time ago. Or never existed at all.Feed does not exists. It was deleted a long time ago. Or never existed at all. […]Read More

Trump under fire for targeting legal immigrants for using welfare

By Tere Siqueira The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has presented a proposal to punish legal immigrants who’ve accepted food stamps, public housing and other government benefits. Designed to limit legal immigration and naturalization, the proposal would punish immigrants who are in the country legally – and in addition, everyone in the immigrant’s household. Those […]

How to plan for your retirement

Commentary by Chara It’s good to plan – especially where finances are concerned. Sure, you’re working and enjoying a nice lifestyle. But what will life be like for you in the future? More specifically, what will life be like when you must retire or go into semiretirement because of your age? Fortunately, if you start […]

María Marín: ¡Fórmula para aumentar tu amor propio!

¿Cómo te sentirías si tu mejor amiga te hablara así?: “¡qué gorda estás!”,“¡te ves vieja!”, “!nunca haces nada bien!”. Seguramente te ofenderías, enojarías y le reprocharías: “con amigas como tú, ¡los enemigos sobran!” … Ciertamente no aguantarías a alguien que te maltrate así. Sin embrago, existe una persona a quien muchas veces le permites que […]

ACLU of Kansas pushing its ‘Safe and Welcoming Kansas’ ordinance

By Angie Baldelomar The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Kansas has launched an effort to promote its “Safe and Welcoming Kansas” ordinance, which would give a municipal ID card to everyone in Wyandotte County who wants one. One part of the ordinance is the push to offer a low-cost, municipal ID to everyone. Alex […]