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New strains of COVID-19 detected

By CharaNew strains of COVID-19 have emerged in recent weeks, multiple media outlets are reporting.According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are three coronavirus strains circulating – one from the United Kingdom, called B.1.1.7; a South African variant, called 1.351; and a Brazilian variant, called P.1. Of the three new strains, […]

LNESC-KC director offers scholarship search tips

By Angie Baldelomar For any high school student considering college or trade school, looking for scholarships is as important than deciding where to attend college — maybe more so.Mike Macias, director of the LULAC National Education Service Center in Kansas City (LNESC-Kansas City), said the main takeaway in searching for scholarships is to not do […]

Javier Arroyo, Tenderloin Grill manager, dies at age 43

By Roberta Pardo Javier F. Arroyo passed away peacefully on Jan. 8 at KU Medical Center at age 43.Arroyo managed the Tenderloin Grill at 900 Southwest Blvd. in Kansas City, Missouri.“Javier was a big teddy bear who was always smiling inside and out,” Ashlee Ruhl wrote in the description of a GoFundMe fundraiser to help […]