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KCMO Health Department encourages sign-ups for COVID-19 vaccine

By Angie Baldelomar The Kansas City (Missouri) Health Department is encouraging residents to fill out its COVID-19 Vaccination Contact Form.Deputy Director Frank Thompson said the form serves as a way to put those interested into the appropriate tier according to the state’s vaccine distribution plan.“There are three phases to that and within those phases there […]

KC goes dark, rolling power outages affect 270,000-plus households

By Roberta Pardo Rolling power outages have affected the Kansas City area since Monday (Feb. 15) because of record freezing temperatures.The Southwest Power Pool, the organization that controls the power grid in Kansas and portions of Missouri among other more than a dozen states, requested Monday that Evergy reduce its energy load by “five times […]

Expert shares tips on handling anxiety during pandemic

By Angie Baldelomar Anxiety might be the rising problem around the world.For psychiatrist Mauro Rodriguez, anxiety is the one of the biggest problems people face. The pandemic has only made life more difficult for almost everyone and added more stress to “an already stressful life,” Rodriguez said.Rodriguez — who treats children, teens and adults — […]