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Columna de Jorge Ramos : Niños de la frontera

Está solo. Es un niño perdido en la frontera, en una zona desértica del sur de Texas. Se llama Wilton Gutiérrez, tiene 10 años y es de Nicaragua. Sus ojos están hinchados, llora. Lleva una camiseta de Batman y una chaqueta negra. Eso es todo. El niño se le acerca a la camioneta de un […]

Homeless relocated from Westport camp to hotels

By Roberta Pardo People living in tents in Kansas City, Missouri’s Westport area have been relocated after camping at a site for weeks, as part of the city’s plan to help people experiencing homelessness.On April 9, buses started taking people living at Camp 6ixx to hotels, clearing out the area near the Westport Road, Southwest […]

Personas Extraordinarias 2021:Teen boxer working to go pro

By Angie Baldelomar A Kansas City area 13-year-old boy is trying to become a professional boxer.Ricky Gomez has boxed since age 9, when a cousin of his dad’s invited him to come to his gym. He found his passion for boxing there.“We took Ricky there to train and exercise and so he … (could) learn […]

SKC’s quest for third MLS Cup begins against Red Bulls

By Chara On Saturday (April 17), Sporting Kansas City will start its journey to win its third MLS Cup.That night, Sporting will open its season by facing the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena. The Red Bulls are 3-1 in their last 10 home MLS games against Sporting. The last MLS meeting between […]