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Psychologist offers tips to help kids develop social skills

By Angie Baldelomar Even as schools try to get back to in-person instruction, many students continue to learn remotely.And some parents worry that remote learning might be having an impact on their children’s development of social skills. But school psychologist Scott Fluke, who works for Olathe (Kansas) Public Schools, said it is too early to […]

Initial PanSeer study shows test can detect early cancerous growths

By Chara Doctors and other healthcare professionals might be able to detect early cancerous growths in the stomach, esophagus, colon, lungs and liver, based on the initial results of a test called the “PanSeer.”Using blood samples from individuals, a PanSeer study was conducted in China. The results were published in July 2020 in the journal […]

New June Hours Announced for UGPHD Vaccination Facilities

The Unified Government Public Health Department has announced new hours at its vaccination facilities at the former Kmart building and the Armory. Remember – COVID-19 vaccinations are always free of charge, and no insurance is needed! Kmart (7836 State Avenue)Tuesdays and Wednesdays11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Armory (100 South 20th Street)Thursdays and Fridays11 a.m. to […]

Timothée Chalamet el nuevo Willy Wonka

Timothée Chalamet es el apuesto actor que interpretará a Willy Wonka en la nueva película sobre el chocolatero, según reportó Deadline y se ha mencionado que el filme se llamará “Wonka” y estará a cargo Warner Bros y The Roald Dahl Story Company. Hay que destacar que esta producción ya lleva un buen tiempo en […]

Taylor Swift regresará a la pantalla grande

La reconocida cantante estadounidense Taylor Swift regresará a la pantalla grande en la próxima película de David O. Russell, en la cual compartirá créditos con Robert de Niro, Christian Bale y Margot Robbie. Según la información bridada por The Hollywood Reporter, el guión de la película se mantiene en secreto y aún no cuenta con […]